Friday, April 22, 2011

A bottle of vino, Matzo, and a botched workout

So last night, in an attempt to keep up with my PT RX, I tried to sneak a workout 25 minutes.  There will be no picture of this, because about 3/4 of the way through this semi-intense home-set - I realized my roommate was home, and was thoroughly freaked out by the banging going on upstairs (Tripp is gone people, don't get any ideas).  I got in only two sets of everything before I had to shower up and head out for dinner, but it consisted of something like this:

  • warm up: 100 high knees, 100 jumping jacks
  • 12 burpees with push-ups (have to get to that 50/day!)
  • 25 squat jumps
  • 50 mountain climbers
  • 10 up & down stairs runs
  • 100 crunches
  • repeat all above 1x
  • extra 5 tricep working push-ups (think diamond hands) - to make my 50/day! (I started my day with 20 push-ups and 100 crunches)
  • extra 100 crunches - to make my 400/day
Now typing this out makes it seem a lot more productive than it felt at the time, so I am going to give myself a little pat on the back, as I sit here contemplating what I will do for a run today.

On to group of friends try to do at least 1 dinner together a month.  Last year, a couple of them decided it would be a great idea to host a Passover dinner, to share their culture - the food, the prayers, the wine! We all hands down agreed this was a must, and why hadn't it happened earlier!  

Take two on the shot...good looking group
Last night was year 2 of passover with friends, but we were missing a key participant - he is Tripp's sailing partner, so inevitably he got Tripp and Wendy's, I got a great group of friends, food and wine), so we refrained from the prayers and steps involved with eating dinner/drinking your wine (which is a nice touch, because you not only learn a little about the religion/holiday, but you also really slow down your food intake, which is healthy right?) Anyways....back to the food! We had a chicken baked with soup nuts and apricot marmalade, salmon baked in white wine, sweet potato fries (can't have bread, so this was our starch - and a personal fave), brocolli and a mixed salad.  All in all a great meal - that was only complete with the fantastic flourless chocolate torte (with homemade choc mousse - wish i took a pic!) and vanilla ice cream to top it off (oh yeah, there was some fruit on the side).  This was all washed down by some delicious white wine and a small taster of dessert red (4 glasses = some, right?).

So after a bottle of wine in my gut, more torte than I thought I could consume at that point, and a T to catch before it turned into a pumpkin at midnight (yes Boston public transport) - I just receieved the icing on the cake - a whole, unopened box, of Almond NutThins!!!! Although I do not follow a Gluten Free diet (should probably look into incorporating that in at some point) - these are one of my FAVORITE crackers, next to Triscuits of course! 

I would give my night, after scaring my roommate and slightly embarassing myself, an A+...I had my friends, wine, and amazing food - plus I fit in a little sweat in the process - and, as it is Earth Day and all, I took the T and stayed green :)

Traveling back to Greenfield (home) tonight for Easter weekend - so hopefully I will cook up something good to chat about and share! Stay tuned...

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