Saturday, April 23, 2011

Disgruntled diners, tickly cold, and April (snow) Showers

Good morning - or early afternoon for you early risers! Yesterday was one of those so lazy I don't really remember what I did ten minutes days, where seconds roll into minutes and minutes into hours and then you find yourself dozing in traffic on your way to Western Mass...well *home* for me at least (sadly I had a picture of the wonderful mass pike traffic, but it failed to send to my comp).  I did, however, fit in a work from home day AND a 32 minute run - at a 7:20 pace, so I didn't chalk it up to a whole waste of a day!

Taking a pit-stop at Randall's Farm, a necessity if you are ever passing by exit 7 on Mass Pike - or are in need of a farmstand-insane bakery/deli-homemade icecream-and a bottle of wine fix....yes that was a plug for my family's farm, but REALLY - it is worth every last second of a stop!

So after I stopped and saw my Grammy, Aunts, and Mommy :) I picked up some essentials for Easter dinner on Sunday and headed North to Greenfield - still fending off drowsiness and imagining my comfy old bed...

After hellos and hugs from the little sis and Dad, everyone kind of went and did their own thing, normal, but reconvened about 30 minutes later (8:30 PM by now) and started biting each other's heads off, no more nice nice when the Marquis family is hungry...ironically, we were fighting over what to do for dinner :)

Now I haven't been feeling so hot the past couple days, and I went to my parents house to relax and be treated like im 5 again, not the case - I finally manned up, grabbed the phone and a take-out menu and called up the trusty China Gourmet restaurant - aka semi-decent sushi and not half-bad chinese take-out in Greenfield.

The thing I never realize when ordering Chinese, is that the words that come out of your mouth when placing order, never match the massive amount of food you are taking home after they are through filling that order.  I had enough sushi, seaweed salad, miso soup and a moo shoo chicken wrap to last me through the two episodes of American Idol I powered through after dinner - and of course a fortune cookie for dessert!  Aptly enough, my fortune cookie read "A pleasant experience is ahead; don't pass it by" - so pretty much, I am really excited to see what that experience might be (Tripp did mention wanting to take a vacation soon :)).
As I mentioned, I haven't been feeling too hott, one of those nagging, tickly type colds and some sniffles (cue pic of my crashing on couch during American Idol repeats last night).  Well today, I woke up, in my comfy childhood bed and looked out the window, expecting a beautiful sun shining day to make me feel better (don't ask why - just felt it should have been) - and saw snow....SNOW!!! It is April people, the end of April at that! Easter is tomorrow - you know beautiful pastels, blooming flowers and a delectible SPRING feast?!!  Well not in Greenfield I suppose, but darn-it if I can control, we WILL have a spring feast :) and I will be wearing my Easter outfit skirt! So now I am cuddled up with hot tea, my mom's sweats (I only packed for spring weather...woops!) and contemplating hitting up the mall (since I won't be heading back to Boston for the Bruins Game 5!! Which my dad teased me with tickets about last night...mean man!).  Today I am going to not try to run in the snow (as I packed for 50 degree cloudy or sunny weather, not this) and instead walk aimlessly around the Holyoke Mall for hours trying to get some new pants that fit over these ever-growing quads and maybe some dancing out with hometown girlfriends this evening :) Have a happy Satuday everyone and hope it isnt as cold and wet as it is here!!

SNOW in April!! Next to Easter baskets, just not right!

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