Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter re-cap and a profound running revelation

So I know I missed a day, and I am a bit torn up about it, I must admit...but as my previous posts explained, I have been sick and a little run down.  So now after some R&R and a good long run last night, I am starting to feel a bit more human and hey I owe you a post or two by now!

Easter was interesting, but a great day with a great family and then some.  After I left off from the blog, I finally showered for the day and put on my pretty clothes :) I love to dress up, but don't do it nearly enough!  Once my Mom and little sister got back from church (which if you remember, I was told it was best to stay home) and dug right in with the rest of the Easter traditions - which at 12:04 pm started promptly with a bottle of Chianti Classico Reserva and a half loaf of Auntie Ida's cheese bread and a half a loaf of Mrs. Nataloni's cheese bread.

Momma and me dunking (cheese bread) away
After a bottle of wine and some dinner prep, we were pooped, so it was nap time until the rest of the fam showed up (Auntie Denise, cousins Mae and Timmy and a new edition, little Harry - new family dog).  There is no pic of this, because well I was passed out too quickly to take one.

My family loves me, that is why they let me interrupt
this scrumptious dinner to take this pic
 Dinner was fantastic per usual, my parents' cooking has always been one of my favorite reasons to go home! **Side note - one of my favorite thing about holidays, is being able to bring out and actually use the good china!

After an amazing sampling of every dessert on the table, I hung around a little too long with my Mom and then headed back to Boston around 9:30 PM (thank goodness I took a second nap after dinner and dessert!) and got to bed around 12:30 (not too good for a sick girl)

Look at how big that asparagus is!! I couldn't resist showing you!
Monday passed by like a lost day, until...6:30 pm hit....not only was this the moment I left work (finally!) but this is when I made the decision to try the Lexington bike path for the 1st time! I changed at the gym and was going to try for a 3 mile loop, no matter how long it took (unless I stopped being able to breathe due to this darn cold)...well let me tell you! I started out down Hartwell to get to the path....legs heavy, sluggish, slow...but then it was like a miracle - I hit the pavement of the bike path and it was like a weight was lifted! I started gliding down the path, with a faint fear of being abducted and no one really knowing, but more so of peace...the zen I can rarely seem to catch with running (I like the endorphins after, not so much the time during).  I just kept running and running until I found people, people biking, people walking, people jogging (no worries Tripp, no roller-bladers), and the feeling only got stronger - I was invincible! Although I had a slight fear it was going to get dark on me while I was out on the path, so I turn at about 3.5 miles and headed back...that's right I did 7 full miles, and in one of my best times - 52 minutes!! So what was so profound about this run you may ask, usually I am a little anxious and not entirely ecstatic during runs - being out there, all I could think was "I am in one of the only places I could stop, and no one would know, but all I keep wanting to do is go faster!" It was so peaceful and satisfying! My slowest split was a 7:30, my fastest, 6:20....and today?! I felt a little stuffy, but other than that, fantastic! So I went home, made myself some delicious raspberry glazed (did you pick up yet that I am in love with this marinade?! Drew's Raspberry Salad Dressing ) tilapia with some green beans, roasted red potatoes and a giant stem of purple asparagus!

Need to perfect my tofu making, any good recipes/directions welcome!
I got in my Tuesday boot camp and then headed home, instead of the usual 2 - 3 miles on the treadmill or elliptical (still trying to re-coupe remember), finally cashed Tripp's rent check from last month, and made myself a healthy little brocolli and tofu dinner (yes that is a mix of mustard and ketchup behind the brocolli :) - gotta love those sauces).  The one negative of my evening? My brand new Ahnu minimalist sneakers are already coming apart, and I have only worn them three times!!:( So, I am going to write a little email to Ahnu and finish this yummy dinner up with a leftover Easter brownie and call it a night!

Poor Shoe :( Although the picture doesn't show too well,
the front rubber is popping off
 What's your favorite pair of shoes?

My favorite would have to be my beatun up Old Navy black flippy floppies - old but so nice to know it is warm enough to have those on

What do you like better, ketchup or mustard?

I like them both so much, I don't really know, but I think I use mustard more (honey is my favorite, but I also love spicy brown or beer mustard)

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  1. "I started gliding down the path, with a faint fear of being abducted and no one really knowing"
    --> i know this exact feeling!!!

    great blog :)



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