Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Honeymoon Phase and Cross-Training

So I would definitely say my blogging is in Honeymoon phase, as in I can't stop thinking about my next post and what new things I can share.  The caveat with honeymoons is that they are temporary, and I am not planning on stopping this anytime soon.

So onto the cross-training - as in pretty much non-existent in my training routine (which heavily consists of running and a few boot camp sessions a month).  I have a few goals this spring to improve my workout routine and expand my horizons past running.

  1. Sign up for (and follow through with) a Spin Class
  2. Maintain a consistent strength training routine (even if it starts with just push-ups and crunches)
  3. Swim more (up my endurance, upper body and core work)

I know the list is a little small, but I believe in steps, be it baby steps or strides, to accomplishing goals.  These goals will not only improve my endurance, strength and toning, but maybe I could add a triathalon into the mix of Horizons Hunting.

So tonight was one of my regular Tuesday night bootcamp sessions at the BSC near work, 55 minutes of pushing sand bags, jumping jacks with a barbell, lateral jumps over a stacked bench, sweat....bliss

Post Bootcamp shower or not to shower...
I have this problem with cross training where I don't believe that something that doesn't involve a heightened heart rate, heavy breathing and excessive sweat is true exercise....hence my trouble branching out from running, boot camp, or hot yoga.

Looking to expand my strength training routine to something more personal and challenging, I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of a complimentary "fitness level" evaluation last week - ouch, not so much!  The trainer pretty much told me "Your upper body needs some work, your core is weak and your legs consist of only quads".  Cue in RX: 400 crunches, 50 push ups, 50 pull ups, 50 calf raises....daily for 3 weeks! So my body has been screaming about this more than actually accomplishing, but I am proud to say I have done some variation of this 5 out of the last 6 days (progress :) )

So in three weeks I might have an update on strides rather than baby steps...I am sure you will find out (along with my pocket).

No picture of the refuel, as there was no delish way to show leftover rice and swordfish w/ a side of frozen peas :) - can you say "grocery shopping time?!"

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