Monday, April 18, 2011

Horizon hunting

So I have sat here for the past two weeks saying I want to start a blog and after sitting around all weekend and not accomplishing this, I have decided that tonight is the night to start. This could have come after spending an unmentionable amount of time at the end of my workday zoning out to my new favorite blog, or that today is marathon Monday and i felt as though I should be doing something spectacular and accomplishing too. The fact is - I love to talk about practically everything to anyone who will listen. Some people might call it annoying, I call it personable, excitable and informative.

Another reason I attribute to being a chatty Cathy is that I get bored, very very easily, which is why every couple of months I look for my next big thing and right now I find myself horizon hunting once again. I need to get to the next big accomplishment and crush it, but what that is, I guess I'm still deciding, which for those of you that know me, is probably my worst trait (queen indecisive right here- I could take 25 minutes after pre-scanning the menu to decide on my order, and STILL eat everyone else's food at the table).

So what's the next horizon I want to tackle?

The cape 200 mile relay and signing up for 1st marathon (which I would love to do sooner, but there is this little thing called training). Running has become a newer found passion that I am more and more eager to explore and will be writing more about throughout posts.

So since I'm hungry and have a prescription of some crazy number of push ups and crunches from my trainer to get done before the bruins and dinner - I am taking my leave.

I will be keeping up with posts as long as my attention span holds up ad hopefully giving some good reads in the process.

Stay tuned!

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