Thursday, April 28, 2011

Newport here I come! Oh, and a new "diet" plan

So, I did it! I signed up for my first marathon, my first 26.2 big ones! How do I feel? Well it's too far away for any nervousness or sick feeling, so I feeling freakin fantastic!! I want to go and run it now, like tomorrow, that is how excited I am! What was the big race?! The Amica Newport, RI Marathon
Why did I wait so long to sign up? And why did I pick a fall (October 16, 2011 to be exact) when I clearly am so amped to try one?! Well here are a few of my reasons for this decision (because who doesn't need a little validation for such BIG decisions?!)

  1. Location: I don't have to go very far, in fact I can drive there in less than 2 hours. There is no jet-lag, elevation, or extreme different climate issues to acclimate to the day before or of the race.
  2. Boston: The Amica Newport Marathon is an official Boston Qualifier (it so promptly shouts it on the homepage of their site)
  3. Speed of Course: Which ties into the Boston reason, although it is bad practice to have an ideal goal time for your first marathon (or any first ig race for that matter - whether it be 5k, 1/2 marathon, or ultra) - it is supposed to be one of the faster courses on the qualification list (its no Utah, with a consistent decline the whole race, but hey what do you expect in New England?!)
  4. Weather: This, in New England especially, is a tricky one.  Now I ran the 1/2 here last year, same weekend, and the weather was perfect! A little chilly, but not too cold, lower wind than you would expect next to the ocean and no RAIN!! This could be a factor day of race this year, but it only motivates me to go out and train in whatever climate I may face day of "long run training", you can't predict the weather!
  5. Familiarity with Course: Now this one should have probably been a little higher, but I am not too too picky with unfamiliar terrain when I am running with a pack of thousands....alone is a whole nother story!  I am pretty familiar with this route, I am in Newport at least twice a summer with Tripp and the sailing crew for regattas, and keep myself busy running portions of the route during that time.  I also ran the half last year, so I have the first 13.1 miles ingrained in my head :)
  6. My finishing strides at the 2010 Newport Half
  7. Friendly Faces: I will be running this at the same time with at least 1, maybe 2 of my friends (both of which are running the Cape Relay with me next week - can you believe it is only 1 week away?!) - therefore, I will have someone to hug and cry with after the race and friends and family along the route to cheer us one (more friends that run with me = more friends that will be there to root us on, simple equation :)
Now that I have sufficiently defended my decision to sign up for this particular race at this particular time....onto my only plan - as I have mentioned previously I am no good at cross-training! I have a slight fear of over-training and hurting myself...just saying, I tend to compete against everyone and everything, including myself...

I have realized this is a good fear to have, because it means there is a level of awareness that this could happen and this is a tendency of mine...and I don't want to end up like my blogger idol HungryRunnerGirl as one of my friend's so nicely pointed out last night, there are perfect examples of ways to untrain...
Source  I just loved this guy's picture and couldn't resist

So since i have done two 7+ mile runs since Monday, I believe it is time to start this "needing to do more than just running everyday", I am going to attempt one of my gym's classes tonight and see how that goes, I believe the 5:30 class is Zumba (which I have in fact tried, and I am not so sure I am cut out, but hey give it a try right?! I mean if Jessica Simpson can cut 20lbs using Traci Anderson's dance method, I sure as heck can get some fitness results from Zumba)

Now that I have sufficiently described my fitness environment at the moment...on to the fueling....

I have been attempting this Pescatarian diet, cutting meats out and focusing on only fish and vegetarian meals) I call it is "diet", because I have learned to consider "diets" described as a way of eating and way of life - not a restriction or limiting plan.  I have gone through countless "diets" that involved cutting out and cutting back, all summed up into deprivation.  This is my attempt to eat cleaner, not take away.  Now, I am not saying that I am never going to eat meat again, that is just silly to me.  I am solely trying to cleanse my food choices, and expand my food horizons - i love seafood, and i love funky new things - so why not dedicate some more days a week to tofu and tempeh?! I have made it four days so far without my beloved chicken or turkey (if you may have noticed my two meal pics from Monday - Tilapia - Tuesday - Tofu). 

Tonight I will be enjoying some turkey in one of my favorite forms, turkey tacos, with two of my besties.  I am extra excited about this because we will be indulging in these (and some wine of course) at one of their condos just purchased! I will have to document this expedition, so stay tuned!!

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