Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Running on Empties

No I am not sluggish and in need of a mid-afternoon caffeine boost - In a couple weekends I will tackle 189 miles of Massachusetts soil by foot at a predictive 7:30 pace in about 27 hours or less...it helps to mention that I will have 11 other teammates helping me along with this adventure and hopefully a hole growler of homebrew to myself to re-fuel.

I think the strangest part of this crazy race for me, is that I did the same one a year ago - that's right, I am signed up again for the 13 Cape Relay from Quincy to P*Town.  Why might you ask would I want to enjoy yet again the raging cape-codder headache, a hip I almost sawed off myself, not to mention only 2 hours of half-sleep in 30 hours time...I also gained some great new friends and a new found love for running (remember pain is temporary, but those damn endorphins are addictive and last a lifetime - the need at least).

Last year I accomplished this interesting, yet scenic race with a team by the name of "Red Eye Running" - appropriate, as we were running through the night and getting little to no sleep in the exhausting process.  Although I am sad to say I am leaving this awesome team (yes we were twelfth out of the 200 + teams and I believe in top 3 for co-ed teams), but this year an former-red eye runner and myself decided it would be too cool to get a group of our sailing friends drunk and agree to forming a team of our own to add to the field of over 200 teams.

What better name for a group of young athletes, than an ever fueling "Running on Empties".  My idea for the name was to also have a rule that went along with the name to chug a beer after each leg and add it to the chain of empties dragging behind the van (that's right, just married style), but that last tidbit got vetoed (I am still vying for the chain of empties tied to the back of the van, we just wont have to necessarily add to it during the race).  Either way, I am really excited to see how this all shakes out and surely provide updates before, perhaps during, and after.  2 vans, 12 mixed bag athletes, some bagels and goo....stay tuned!

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