Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thunder Thighs, Boston B's and oh yes... Happy Easter!!

Being a little under the weather and all, which was tough with how awful the weather was yesterday to be under that, but success. I'm still not 100%, but its Easter, so I figure I will have enough sugar to kill anything negative I might be feeling.

Is it bad you can tell my 15 year old sister helped me pick
out my clothes by the titles on the bags?
Yesterday, due to the weather circumstances and state if my closet, I took the little sis out shopping, instead of a run. 5 hours, an excessive # of bags and a very empty wallet later...(is it the 30th yet?!) we had a very successful shopping trip. Now you must know I deem it successful because I came out of it with a new pair of jeans - which was my one and only goal. The fact that it took me until the last store and came after countless other purchases can be looked over, because I found a pair that fits and that is all that matters. Oh, and my sister and I found matching sweaters, which is obviously a winner for the day!

Taryn couldn't hold back her "excitement" when I told
her I wanted her in the next picture...

Why was a pair of jeans my one and only goal might you ask? Well my whole life I have had these things attached to my legs that most people refer to as "thunder thighs" - they were at their peak when I was heavy into gymnastics (the fact that my only really good event was floor/tumbling might have had some correlation), and now that I am running more and attending these thigh/butt busting boot camps, they are showing in all fury once again.  About two weeks ago, they really ticked me off, causing me to, dare I say it, rip my favorite and irreplaceable pair of jeans!!  Now these are irreplaceable because well - the store close down a year ago...RIP Martin & Osa

Taryn and I in our matching sweaters :)
Yes I made my Dad learn how to use a picture
phone to take this, no it wasn't pretty
Thunder Thighs are an important thing I believe all women, including myself, need to learn to not necessarily love, but live with and accept.  If you remember my trainer told me that my legs consisted of only quads, well duh! Thunder Thigh Queen obviously has dominating quads! They are the strength that has propelled me through countless floor routines, endless attempts at pole vault and long jump, quick bursts of speed on the field hockey field, and now my current running endeavours....the only thing I can do is thank them for their service and find pants that suite them, not suffocate them.

Onto the B's!! What an incredible game 5!! Tim Thomas was a hero in the goal, deflecting Montreal's heat one puck at a time...Although I didn't get to sit in the stands for this one (as you remember my Dad had teased me with the other day) I sure screamed and jumped up and down like I was there out in the woodroom (if you don't know what a "woodRoom" is, you haven't lived - it is one of those pure comfort from childhood type of places, where you could curl up for hours on end and forget about everything else going on around you)...onto the B's...Double OT got me feeling the butterflies like when I used to be out on the field hockey field going into sudden death...made me a little nervous though when the announcers kept saying how tired the teams looked...5 minutes into the 1st OT! But they persevered and now the Bruins and Canadians will travel back up to Montreal to battle out Game 6! Here is one of those "stay tuned"...

Because I was ill, I stayed in and watched this game instead of going out dancing with my hometown girls, making me feel slightly old, slightly sluggish, but happy this morning that I don't have a raging headache to add to this cough and nose thing...
Taryn's Easter Basket this year..tear

So this morning, EASTER MORNING!! I woke up and realized I am actually old - my Easter basket was not at the foot of my bed, like it always was in the past; instead, I received it on Thursday, at work, in a 5 x 7 postal box....oh the days I got a huge basket with make up and candy and randomness!  Well today I woke up, contemplating showering and instead went to the kitchen to start in on my eating festivities of the day. I topped off a hearty breakfast (whole wheat english muffin, pb, honey, cinnamon and banana - a staple for me, sounds funny but it is absolutely delish, you should try it!) with a piece of a dark chocolate bunny head, totally normal. 

RIP Choc Bunny....I am not sorry

I would say this glorious Easter morning (which it really is! The sun burned through the fog and they say it's supposed to be around 60 today!) the best/worst conversation occurred.  Preface conversation:  I am a catholic elementary school graduate, have had my 1st communion and am confirmed in the catholic church - but I have not been so close to the church for the past couple of years...I went through some stuff, the church went through some stuff, and I am sure one day we will go through some stuff together, but today is not it.
My mother, who has finally come home from pieland at Randall's (long story short, every holiday Randall's goes through an excessive amount of pie orders - in the thousands - and that is my mother's baby...pieland), back to the story...she comes in and is getting ready to head to church (early! Which if you grew up knowing my family, we don't do things early, we run on our own time...Marquis time...and everyone, including the church, has come to expect that from us). I asked her if it would be alright if I stayed home and helped my Dad get ready for Easter dinner (which is at 2 PM, so it's not considered dinner in my book, but that is a whole nother story)....she responds..."I would prefer that actually, I am not ready to see the church walls fall in on us this year". So there you have it, my mother thinks I am unholy and deemed a danger to the Catholic church....Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have a fabulous day!

What is your process to eating a chocolate bunny?

Whether hollow or solid, I always go for the head first....I sadly figure if I get the head out the way, the bunny won't feel the rest of the pain as I eat it....yes, I know choc bunnies are not real, but I was never allowed to have pets, so it is as real as it gets to me...

What is on your Easter menu?

we are cooking up some Boars Head honey baked ham, green beans and sweet potatoes, asparagus, red bliss potatoes, cauliflower pie (can't wait to try this, mom's creation), and bread for dinner....a lemon cake with lemon icing and blackberries and a strawberry rhubarb pie for're jealous, I's OK :)

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