Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap: Boat races, bfast in bed and foodie goodness!

Weekend re-caps are nice, because you get to reminisce on all the wonderful things that happened over the two days off of normal schedules and laptops and driving, and nicely "black out" anything that may have been less than perfect.

My weekend started on Friday afternoon, as any normal weekend - flew home to bake some amazing double chocolate oreo/pb brownies (no picture because they were eaten too fast). Saw my long lost boyfriend AND got to go to a fancy date night with him at Petit Robert Bistro in the South End (no pictures again, simply because he boycotted pictures of him and documenting what we do - I am still working on him for that one).  Trust me it was good and delicious and we will definitely be back, to sit on the patio, and drink a bottle of wine in the sun (he promised at least).

Then because we were both sick (damn allergies and colds!) we went home to sleep before our big dry-sail regatta the next day (A.K.A Sam's birthday extravaganza).  There were boat races, shark kisses, shark piƱatas (probably not a good idea after the fact, but pretty darn fun at the time), good friends, good keg beer (Harpoon Summer :) ) and well, a good day drinking in the sun and celebrating a great guy! Pictures of this would have followed, but Facebook wasn't letting me steal the pictures :(

Onto Sunday, I don't know how Sunday got here so fast (could have been the 12 hours + I slept on Saturday night, but that is besides the point).  Sundays are bitter-sweet for me, It is my last day with my love for the week, but I also get to do things like this:

Muffin Top Creation

Yes that is breakfast in bed, which consisted of a fresh fruit salad and homemade muffin top, which I found here, and am thoroughly addicted to now.  What you must know about me, is I like to try/eat weird/interesting foods and I am impatient, which is why these pumpkin base chocolate muffin tops only take a few ingredients and total of 5 minutes (with prep AND "bake")!  I took this deliciousness (which I topped with pb and jam, because it did need a little kick in the flavor pop department) back to bed and Tripp and I indulged in bfast in bed, and a movie until 1:30 PM!! Another reason I love Sundays is that the time never seems to run out! We finally made it downstairs to go for a walk, because it was sunny and tempting looking outside...but about 2 seconds into our walk, I was reminded about my car, at the Honda dealership, in off to Brighton we T'd to retrieve my poor forgotten Honda (and the one responsible/productive thing I accomplished this weekend - 70k mile check-up, cars need physicals too).

All that T riding and car retrieving clearly made us hungry, so the logical next step was stopping at Flour bakery in Cambridge, because 1. Tripp had never been there and 2. their sticky buns are undeniable. We re-fueled with a sticky bun (yes dessert first), soup du jour, and a sandwich - and then were on our way....and it was still only 3:30 PM!! I don't know how we got all of that done in 2 hours, but I was happy this was a slow moving Sunday.  After watching a bit more TV we actually motivated for that walk, well motivated by the need for grilled pizza ingredients, which would count as our Sunday night snack/dinner.
Flour Bakery Sticky Bun Goodness (Source)
If you have never grilled a pizza before, right out on the open flame - you are missing out! It is not only extremely fun to think up your toppings and try to "shape" the dough, but it tastes that much better and you feel that much more satisfied by the work that went in and the masterpiece that comes out!

Grilled Pizza Masterpieces
These are easy and fun, and very versatile...

We had to make two because well I was craving mostly things Tripp does not enjoy (onions, figs, garlic, goat cheese) and he was craving pesto and chicken - which is no surprise, he is always craving pesto and chicken :)

Grilled Pizza

  1. Collect and prep whatever toppings you are craving ( I would limit to 5 or 6, because it gets too full/heavy to eat after that)
  2. Either make or buy dough (we buy whole wheat pizza dough from S&S)
  3. Lay out your dough to rise and start cooking toppings
  4. Turn on grill to medium heat to start the pre-heat process
  5. Spray a pan, or put down flour and shape your pizza dough (no particular shape is better than any other, no discriminating)
  6. Bring dough to grill, turn heat down low, and spray Grill with Pam or equivalent (low heat = less flame up of oil spray :) )
  7. Plop dough on heat and turn back to medium, close hood, and wait about 3-5 minutes
  8. Flip dough, grill for another 2-3 minutes and then remove onto pan 
  9. Apply toppings (in w/e order pleases you, everyone is unique)
  10. Return to grill for another 8-10 minutes (or until cheese is melted/browned) and remove from heat to cut and enjoy (with a glass of red wine ;) )!

I am off to be productive on this sunny Monday and think about my run on the bike trail later on!! I might even have a friend this time!!
Tripp's Pesto, Chicken & Mozz

My Caramelized onions, fig, pear & goat cheese

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