Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Attempt at Bootcamp and Yoga fail

So yesterday, I promptly took a second rest day in a row - as I was still using assistance to sit down (everywhere), and hit up a massage session for 60 minutes of bliss at Sanctuary Massage...or kneeding intertwined with wincing and a few tears...but blissful none-the-less...

I then got home in time to take advantage of an already heated up grill (I have a slight obsession with my Weber...it's normal, totally)...and a thoroughly honey BBQ'd chicken breast or two. One thing about cooking for one, is that there is always leftovers when you cook, inevitably - so, as the story goes... I cooked so much chicken, brocolli, and sweet potato & turnip fries to feed an army - or a Danielle for two or three dinners.  I really had a soft spot for Gourmet Runner when her blog post today shouted out leftovers for lunch...it's normalcy in my diet - and in my fridge...I hate to waste food, but I stink at cooking for one (Tripp can you just come home and that will solve it all, please and thanks)
So here we are at Tuesday...I finished my relay posts (part 1 and part 2), although I feel like I could have gotten them up to version 20 - I thought I would spare you the blood shot eyes (and try to keep, rather than scare away, more readers - please follow me if you don't already *hint*hint*).  After another uneventful day at work, I jetted over to the gym to try to sweat, if even just a tad...

I noticed while getting dressed I noticed that I had two different socks on - thank you Tripp.  I really really love when he tries to help out with laundry, but PUMA and Under Armour are not the same companies, sorry to break the news...I deemed it character and continued to change into the compression shorts and beater (staple boot camp garb - no there is no picture, as I don't want to scare anyone away...its that intimidating)
So that is what it looks like when Nelson, the bootcamp instructor gets mad at me, kind of...
After 8 minutes on the treadmill at level 6.3 (don't laugh), I attempted a modified bootcamp.  I made it through most of the moves, but was told to do ab work during squats and quad burning bench jumps, which at first I scoffed at, but then happily crunched during the squat jump station :) I finished up my workout with 15 minutes of light elliptical and hopped (ok slowly stepped off, because the right quad is still screaming) off the elliptical to do some stretching and jet out to try to catch yoga.

Here is where yoga fail comes in...I was only 10 minutes late, if that, but the door had already been locked shut, and I was locked out! This could have been because I was more than 30 minutes late last Thursday, and may or may not have disrupted the whole class...she locked it because of me, I know it deep inside...

So I came back home, only partly sweaty, and heated up some leftovers just in time for the Glee Prom special :) Oh - yeah, good night and be back tomorrow with an inspired fitness post :)

Are you typically early or late for events/classes/appointments?

If you have been reading, or know me at all...you know I am late for practically everything and that it is a rare gift that I am on time, let alone...dare I say it...early!  I am trying to work on it, trust me, it is just I am bad at timing...which could explain my troubles with pacing...

Do you eat leftovers regularly? Do you think it is weird to eat leftovers 80% of the week?

Yes and No :) I was raised on leftovers (really really good leftovers, don't you fret) but it is normal for me to eat the same meal 2 or 3 times in a week...

Do you watch Glee? Do you watch Glee and reminisce about high school?

I watch it occassionally, I don't actually have any TV shows I follow or religiously watch.  I do however reminisce on high school while I watch Glee, and really wish I could sing like them and have that much fun in school (I may or may not have been kicked out of the select choir after only 3 months)

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  1. I know I should love the leftovers but I just always want to make something fresh! Of course I always eat them since I don't want to waste. I'm actually one of those people who is EARLY for everything! I hate being late ever!
    Um, I love Glee. And hubby hates it. But I always win since it's just so good!


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