Saturday, May 14, 2011

Indulge in yourself a little - its healthy

Before leaving yoga the other night, my yogi told us all to go home and do something for ourselves.  Now until you really try to do something for yourself, you don't realize how hard it can be.  I have a tendency to get really anxious when it comes time for decisions, and I usually freeze up and make a decision I believe would please others.  Not too genuine you might be thinking? I see it as the opposite, but it robs me of doing things for myself - I do things and make decisions for others.  I have trouble leaving groups and I cannot for the life of me decide on a place to go after dinner, let alone what to eat at dinner.

Now being able to work well in groups, as well as think of yourself sometimes (not all the time, but once in a while) you can achieve more of that balanced lifestyle I spoke about in my post yesterday.  It is healthy to take some time out for yourself, to unwind, to meditate (if that's your forte), to dance in your underwear (I may or may not do that...) and to enjoy something you normally wouldn't take the time to do.

So leaving yoga I thought to myself, what can I do for myself? Looking at a text (no, not while driving) from the roomie, I realized I would be home alone tonight, a perfect time to do something for myself....but what? I took a detour to my favorite produce store (Lamberts) on the way home, which also happens to have the best selection of seafood and meat I have found in Boston...just sayin...

Well I popped in to pick up whatever fish looked good and was on sale (they have crazy good prices to go with the great selection) and I came out with this.....

That's right, a 1.6 lb lobster, on sale for $6.99/lb!!! I couldn't resist, and this was definitely a great way to treat myself - also being alone at home was a great chance to mess up the kitchen eating this baby.  If there is one thing I love to eat, it is lobster, and this lobster was so sweet and delicious - perfect treat.

I also picked up a little tilapia filet to cook up for lunch Friday (cookd with some of my roomies awesome sauce) and opened a bottle of Rioja (great Spanish red wine)

And had myself a relaxing, not so lonely night.  I would have never bought myself this dinner normally, I would have said that is too much or that takes too much work.  But that little piece of balance, that little piece of treat me shone through and I sat down to enjoy this....
Sweet Potato, Summer squash and so much lobster! Yes I eat the legs!
Sorry little bugger
At the end of the night, I felt great - I had gotten in yoga, did a little somethin somethin for myself, and had this to show for it :)

That is how many tools it took me to get the meat out of the shell
That is the shell mess leftover
So then it was Friday - and guess who got to work from home this Friday :) Oh yeah - this girl! Half of my team was in Miami for 100% club and the other half was working from home themselves. So I figured save some gas, save some time driving, save some traffic anxiety....

I was pretty productive on my work, made some iced coffee, got in a 55 minute run in the sun and then out for patio drinks (although it looked warmer than it really was out).  My run was the most productive thing I got in though - not only did I make it 55 minutes (almost 7 mile), but I took it easy, enjoyed the sun, and enjoyed the time to myself.
first time using the timer on my phone camera - oh yeah!

Protein muffin for breakfast w/ fresh coffee and banana
My attempt at iced coffee - not too bad a little cinnamon in the grounds makes a fabulous flavor
First sangria of the summer with roomie Jenna on the roof of ABG :)
SO happy weekend everyone - and take some time for yourself today - smile, laugh, sing, pray - whatever it may be. I am off to get a pedicure, go shopping and have some Mexican food with a little bowling after for a friend's birthday :)

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  1. Love that you made yourself lobster--what a perfect treat that is just for YOU! Glad you did something special for yourself.


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