Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Although I know you are all excited to hear the re-cap on this weekend's 13 Cape Relay, today's post, is dedicated to my Mom, Tammy, my best friend, listener, advice-giver, and many times my common sense corrector...

Trip to Mexico this February with her girls :)
At 50 she is still the good lookin one :)
Stood through Bentley Undergrad

And then Bentley Grad school
Christmas Lovin' 2009

The beautiful Grammy Elsie
 She always, always puts everyone else first, and deserves the world for her kindness and love she shares with everyone around her.  Although she is working today (and has been all weekend) I hope she finds some peace and relaxation today and everyday :)  She is truly an amazing woman! I get to see her this afternoon for a Mother's Day cookout at my Grammy's, who is another absolutely inspiring, tough, and loving mother (no wonder my Mom is so special - she came from an amazing, hard working woman herself!).

It's all in the family - the women in this family are officially and
happily weird :)

At her 50th birthday this past September

At the finish of her FIRST Half Marathon - Disney World  January 2011

So Proud of my Momma!! She inspires me to keep running each and every day
From my Mom I have learned so so much, about life, love, hard times, feeling good about food and exercise, true success, and so so much's to you Mom :) I Love you, Happy Mother's Day!


  1. couldn't have asked for a better god mother

  2. Awwwww, thanks :)


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