Thursday, May 19, 2011

Holy Productivity!

So honestly I have been super productive (for me at least) over the past 24 hours! I got some good work done  yesterday, rushed home to a perfect parking spot, started the prep for my tofu dinner I was wanted to cook after my LUNA community run....and then through an even stronger boost of motivation, I didn't just run the LUNA run, I didn't just run the 7 planned miles I had mentioned wanting to run yesterday....I ran 10.1 miles!!!

Although I had 2 breaks in between (one when I got to the LUNA meeting place and one when I was done with my LUNA run and waiting for the other girls), but total "running" time of 1:18:50!!! (I stopped the Garmin - which on another note is working again!! - everytime I stopped running)  That is an average 7:53 split, which is not too shabby for my first longer run since the 7-miler in the relay!  The other great thing about tonight's run, is that I met another blogger! Ali from Food, Fitness, Fashion came out for the LUNA community run!
Sorry Ali, but I had to snag this picture - it is the first picture of a LUNA night in action I have :)
Riding on my endorphins high, I pan seared a phenomenal tofu and broccoli dinner (and another recipe :) ), had a glass of wine for good heart ;), read a ton of awesome and new blogs and treated myself to a little skinnycow strawberry cheesecake fro-yo with crushed frozen oreos on top :)

After pressing your tofu pieces dry, season them with a little garlic powder and ginger.
brush each side with w/e wet marinade you prefer (I used a dijon vinaigrette mixed with soy sauce and dijon mustard)

Spray skillet with PAM (or similar oil) and heat skillet on high.
Add tofu pieces and sear about 4 minutes on each side (careful the oil will spit)
Place whole skillet under broiler on high.  Keep oven door slightly popped open and broil for about 5 - 8 minutes.

Take out of oven carefully, plate with some green veggies and leftover ww fettuccine and enjoy!

With all this productivity, I forgot to make brownies for my big trip this weekend (I love to spoil the guys with chocolate chip brownies!) of course I woke up at 6:30 to bake them this my car smells of the chocolate & PB chip brownies, that are still in the warm dish fresh out of the oven...brutal :)

Let's keep this productivity train rolling...why not....I got to work at 8:25 AM....WHAT?! So I instinctively kept driving, past my turn to work, past the other turn to work, and right into the Stop N Shop parking lot...oh yeah, I got my grocery shopping for the trip done and got to work all for 9 AM!!

Then it happened, the moment I have been secretly excited, but outwardly dreading...spin...I have never ever tried spin before...ever! I don't like bikes, I get nervous when I am in a completely foreign situation, let alone leave work at lunch time!!!! But I promised a co-worker I would go....and at 12:30 in the afternoon at that! I had to block 2 hours off my calendar, so I had time to figure out bike adjustments, get in class, and shower my sweaty butt before returning to work!
Well guys...I survived! I am sitting here typing away and munching on the lunch I didn't get to eat earlier (leftover scrod and a spinach salad with some asparagus thrown in) and I survived!  I loved it! It went by so much faster than a treadmill workout (I still like running a little more), I got an awesome sweat in (which I feared I wouldn't for some odd reason), I can cross off a goal I set on one of my very first posts, and I got out of my office to be active at lunch (which I have been vowing to do for the past two years - better late than never right?!) I can definitely see how this could be like yoga, as in, you need the right teacher to enjoy the class...the instructor I had was really good at keeping you motivated to keep pushing and bringing you back on track if you look like you lost the beat of the songs a little (i.e. started slacking :) ).

So you might be wondering....what is this big trip she keeps mentioning....well....guess what season starts this weekend?! REGATTA season, oh yeah! When I get to drive to places I normally wouldn't think to vacation in, pretend I know what the guys and gals speaking nautical jargon are talking about, get in a whole bunch of me time (runs, runs, and dare I say book reading?!), and get to feed and feed with the hungry sailors (that is where the brownies fit you get it).
Tripp's butt is cute in a wet suit :)

New England Gangstaz :) 

Well I am off to keep being super productive, this energy is riding high! Enjoy your Thursdays - almost weekend :)

Do you spin? What is your favorite part of spin class?

I just started today :) I hope to keep it up regularly....I love that I truly felt like I was sprinting even though my legs were pedaling and that I could feel the aerobic impact

Do you sail? 

Only on occassion, I havent paid attention enough when Tripp tries to teach me to be any good at it, but they sail catamarans, so I like going fast and getting to hook into the harness and hang off the side of the boat (feels like you're flying a little)

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