Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hump Day Half-Week Workout Recap: Yogaland

SO now that you are totally drooling over my seafood deliciousness so far this week....let's get some sweat going.  I have had a pretty productive week so far on the workout front (which is good, because the end of the week might be a little lagging due to a vacation to upstate New York - more on that later in the week :) ).

Without further ado, my week so far in workouts:


  • 90 minutes of Flow and Chill Yoga at Karma Studios in Boston's South End. This was my first yoga class without heat, but I still loved it and it was so relaxing (it might have helped that they did use a space heater to keep the room from being frigid, and I sat in front of it).  It is made up of some of the typical vinyasa flows, but with restorative poses intertwined and a slower pace than my typical heated flow yoga.


  • 40 minute speed workout of intervals on the Treadmill (oh how I didn't miss this that past couple weeks!) All "paces" are actually the mph setting of the treadmill

  1. 5 min: warm up at slower pace (6.8) and incline: 0.5
  2. 1 min: moderate/faster pace (7.5) at incline: 1
  3. 30 sec: sprint (9.5) at incline: 1
  4. 1:30 min: recovery pace (7.4) at incline: 1
  5. Repeat sprint and recovery x 5 (so total of 6 sets)
  6. 2 min: slower pace (6.6) at incline: 3
  7. 1 min: fast walk (4.5) at incline: 5
  8. 1 min: moderate pace (7.2) at incline 1
  9. 45 sec: sprint (9.5) no incline (or incline 0.5 if you want)
  10. 1:15 min: moderate pace (7.2) at incline 1
  11. 1 min: slower pace (6.6) at incline 3
  12. Repeat steps 7 - 11 3 more times (so total of 4 sets or 20 minutes)

  • 55 minute kick-boxing class - awesome class at BSC Lexington! Really gets the cardio going and you can feel your core and arms and glutes working hard 
My face to traffic for almost making me miss yoga...again :(
  • 55 minute Boot Camp - weekly Tuesday night staple for me, Nelson really knows how to make your quads and upper body burn! I love all boot camps I have tried actually...perfect total body strength/cardio/endurance/mental endurance workout!
  • 60 minutes Heated Journey to Core Yoga - back to Karma in Boston's South End.  Made it before I was locked out (unlike last week) despite some crazy traffic in between Lexington and Beantown!  Tonight the Yogi decided to kick our butts with balance and fast flows, not what I was expecting to be doing after boot camp, but I felt awesome afterwards!
  • LUNA Chix community run around the Charles - another weekly staple for Wednesday nights! If you are in the Boston area and a female (sorry guys), please come out and meet us, we love to get women out running and there is a pace for everyone!! Check out the LUNA Chix Boston Run Facebook page for more deets!
    • I am hoping to get at least 7 miles in tonight.  The Luna run is only 3.4, but it takes me about 2 miles to get there if I run (and then 2 miles again back to my car).  If I run from my apartment, I will be clocking 11 miles - but tonight's weather is not too pretty, so 7 it is!
How has your week looked so far for workouts?

Mine has been pretty active for only 3 days for me, but Tripp is gone to Seattle again and I don't know how much I will be doing in NY. 

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