Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hump Day Half-Week Workout Recap

So yesterday's post on routinism (I may or may not have made that word up) really got me thinking about working on breaking some of those routines, because afterall - a healthy fitness and food lifestyle involves mixing it up once and a while! Your body gets so used to the same old foods and the same old workouts, that it stops reacting in positive healthy changes, but instead remains stagnant.

The only thing I would have to say is healthy about routine, is keeping a routine of eating healthy, working out and having FUN - just make sure you are intertwining new foods, workouts and fun activities to keep it fresh, exciting, and beneficial!

So I am adding a couple of goals to my 2011 goals list (seeing as it was a little bland to begin with, and I already did #1: Sign up for (and follow through with) a Spin Class - yay!)

I am going to....

  1. Try to eat outside at least once a week and take a real lunch break (weather permitting)
  2. Try to take a walk at least once a week at lunch time
  3. Try one new workout/fitness activity a month (baby steps)

Now that I raved a little about what has been rocking my brain for the last 12 is my half-week in workouts:


Day off - I ran twice on Saturday and was traveling a lot on Sunday


37 minutes speed interval workout on treadmill:

  • 5 minute warm-up
  • 30 sec sprint
  • 2 1/2 min recovery pace
  • sprint/recovery x 6
  • 2 minutes more at recovery pace
  • 1 minute fast walk
  • 1 minute moderate pace
  • 30 sec sprint
  • 2 1/2 min recovery
  • walk/moderate pace/sprint/recovery x 2
  • 2 minutes walk cooldown
60 Minute Kickboxing Class


60 minutes boot camp
  • 1.25 mile warm up on treadmill
  • 1 minute jumping jacks with barbell (7.5 lb/side)
  • 1 minute bent over rows with barbell
  • 1 minute bicep curls with barbell
  • 1 minute upright rows with palms facing down and thumbs touching each other
  • repeat 4 minutes of barbells
  • 4 minutes pushing sandbags and wall sits
  • 4 minutes side to side lunge/squats over raised bench
  • 1 minute mountain climbers on bosu ball
  • 1 minute burpees (up/downs) with bosu ball
  • 1 minute push-ups on bosu ball
  • 1 minute plank on bosu ball
  • 1 minute burpees (up/downs) with bosu ball
  • 4 minutes sit-ups with partner, passing weighted ball overhead
  • 2 minutes spider man push-ups (each time you go into push-up, bend one leg up to same side elbow, switch sides on next push-up (ouch!)
  • cool down/stretch
75 minutes Journey to Core Yoga: Karma Yoga Studio, South End Boston

So I decided, as you can see, to start sharing some of the moves I do through boot camp, so that you might be able to start incorporating some of the strength moves into your own routines if you want.  
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In other news...there are still no forks in our company kitchen :( andddd I enjoyed the incredible, edible lentil loaf on a bed of frozen (well cooked) green peas, yet again for lunch :) 

And I am working on hydrating per usual after my strenuous hot yoga last night and especially after reading Julia's post on Hydrating :)

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