Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lazy Sundays are the name of the game, and naked pb?

When I left you last I was running out of the house to meet up with the girls for some pampering and pink toes, smooth running calluses (yes, I run people, I have runners feet - they are not pretty no matter how long you sit in a pedicure), and a pair of shoes, jackey and shirt later...we were productive and we were pooped!

We did get in a yummy lunch of stir fry at Fresh City, but we still had another couple of hours to go at Mike's birthday party (more on that below).
Veggie & Tofu stir fry with a Sweet Leaf Diet Green Tea
So Sundays are not my most productive in point - I am laying on the couch watching Robin Hood (well Tripp is at least) and I only came downstairs 2 hours ago (that is 11 AM EST, no judgement necessary).  I did not sleep too well, as I was a little sick after my Mexican, margs and bowling trip for Mike's birthday. 

Tripp finally took a picture with :)
It was an awesome night though, Jose's is wicked authentic Mexican fare in Cambridge - I give it a 4.5 stars (they did give me the wrong dinner, but at least were nice enough to tell me they messed up and bring me extra mole sauce and refried beans - I love my refried beans!).  I tried a new dish; I usually go with the fish tacos at Mexican places, but last night I got a hankering to try the chicken tamales.  They come with a pulled chicken and chili paste filling encased by a cornmeal mix and steam-cooked in a corn husk (no picture because of the confusion of the plate mix-up of my meals). 

This icecream on a sugar/cinnamon tortilla was phenomenal - we all had a slice!
You might be able to see why I am a little lazy and was a little sick feeling last night by the damage done to those margarita pitchers - I was good, but even a couple of those mixed with spicy food = bad belly.

Katie was excited for the empty cups/pitchers too :)
Bowling at Saccos Bowl Haven mixed with the Flatbread Company was really fun and something I had wanted to get out and do with all the amigos for a while now, but thanks to Mike's birthday, finally did! What better of an idea than to mix an all natural pizza and local sourced bar (that's right, all beer and most of the alcohol was locally made!!) with a candle-pin bowling alley?! It was a pretty cool scene, and I made Tripp promise to go back with me to sample the brick oven all natural pizzas and some more local beer (as by the time we got there, I was so full and sick off Mexican, I didn't get a chance).

I may stink, but I have fun with it! P.S. action pics on Droids, not so professional...
I am pretty bad at bowling, so needless to say, I came in the bottom my team's bracket both games (I did improve by 4 points on the second game = success), until we literally closed down the place - they had to turn the lights back on to let the team leaders battle out for bragging bowling rights...
Katie, the fierce competitor

Dueling it out with the birthday boy

Tripp in his Maytag repair man shirt (it is a sailing shirt, but it resembles
something a little more familiar)
Then comes Sunday - I am, as I said above, laying on the couch and was a victim of habit for bfast.  I did make yet another protein muffin, topped with pb and Stonewall kitchen seedless red raspberry jam, and of course a banana :) This morning my only switch up was going with tea over coffee, as the tummy was still a little unsettled.

I do not know if I will end up baking, as I like to do most Sundays, as I had some epic fails in the kitchen this morning. I was mixing the protein muffin in one glass bowl and going to transfer to another Pam sprayed bowl (long story short, I finally learned what a mess those muffins can make of your bowls if you do not microwave the mix'ins in an oiled bowl - they cook to the sides and not the world's most powerful dishwasher could save it) and well...I dropped the bowl I was mixing things into the Pammed bowl and smashed both...woops!

Then, in an attempt to soften my all natural PB, which gets too hard to spread on things in the fridge, Tripp put the pb jar in warm water, and it really worked to soften it right up...but as I was twisting off the top, I twisted the label right off! And there you go...naked PB :) No, it wasn't an attempt to make PB healthier, it was just a minor material flaw...

So back to my lazy Sunday and boring you all with this long post :) I am going to try to get in a run perhaps, or maybe a walk in the rain :)


What are your plans for Sunday? Are they typically your day of rest and lazy?

I actually like to do lazy mornings and productive afternoons - I ease into the day if you know what I mean...I usually get my longer runs in on Sunday evenings - peaceful and relaxing.

Are you a creature of habit when it comes to food?

If I find something I like a lot and it isn't top difficult to make, I become a killer habit eater - it was a big thing for me to switch up the fish tacos for tamales - but I may have  just gotten hooked on a new food choice! It is good to try new things, especially in food and fun!

Are you a kitchen clutz or champion?

I am definitely a clutz in all sense of the word - I drop ingredients, bowls, glasses....I forget the eggs or the butter or spice...I could probably put a little more attention into my kitchen endeavors.  

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