Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A little catch up on my week...

Let's see, since my botched post on Monday (yes I wrote over my Friday post...woops), I have had some pretty relaxing, productive days...

Monday was really cool, because I not only had a friend to run with on the bike path, but at just over 5.5 miles, at a 7:15 - 7:25 pace, we ran his longest distance ever, and were still breathing/laughing at the end of it! It felt good to be a part of that experience, and know that we pushed each other to get through that.  I felt so good, I joined an impromptu kick-boxing class post run (even though I my plan was to go look at/buy new running shoes - woops).
It was such a great class, I think I might have just found a great cross-training activity I enjoy! The instructor was awesome! She was so motivating and welcoming, and no matter how horrible out of sync or silly I looked, she still cheered me on and kept us all going.  Not only that, but I actually laughed with another class goer - which was a success in my book.  Whenever you can find a moment to laugh at yourself, in the middle of heart pounding cardio, and feel real joy and excitement, is a great accomplishment.  I work out because it pushes me, and sometimes I struggle, but ultimately because I feel really great doing it/after I am done.

So after this little 2 hour workout (40 minutes running/10 minutes stretch/60 minutes kickboxing/10 minutes stretch) I decided I should probably go home and cook up some re-fueling goodness...cue my favorite dish this spring...raspberry/lemon glazed baked salmon with brocolli & carrots and rice pilaf (or any variation of wild, brown, pilaf rice) topped off with a glass of red wine and a little chocolate brownie treat.

Tuesday was pretty uneventful, not going to night :) I love this particular type of date night, because it is with my roommate and it is to the movies.  I only really go to the movies with my roommate, so it is a big treat - I have only been once with Tripp, it was more than a year and a half into dating, and I believe I semi-dragged him.  We had a dinner of a fabulous everything but the kitchen sink salad (as in w/e toppings we wanted to through on the mixed greens that we found in the fridge) with a couple pieces of the leftover grilled pizza.  We saw Water for Elephants, which is, I must say, a great movie! Not only do I love the stars (Robert Pattenson and Reese Witherspoon), but it was truly well put together - the right touch of suspense, romance, comedy and emotion.  I have never read the book myself (it's now on my book reading queue), but the roomie loved the book and admitted that the movie was almost spot on with the book and represented very well...which I think is a huge compliment, and accomplishment - as most movies based off books tend to leave a lot out and project the story poorly.  All in all I would give this movie a 4.5 stars and definitely worth checking out!

That brings us to today...slow day at work always makes me tired, but through in a downpour rain storm, and I am really useless! Tonight, being Wednesday night, is my LUNA Chix team runs - which at first, with the pounding sound of the rain - I was NOT looking forward to, but my lovely friend Emma refused to cancel the run, and I thank her greatly! By the time we started the run, the rain had subsided, the weather was warmer than expected, and we had such a great relaxing pace going, that it felt really good (minus a little tummy ache I have been fighting off, but that is another off-blog story). We had a phenomenal talk, ran a good 5.77 miles, and could have kept going/talking!

Refusing to go grocery shopping again this week, I steamed up some brocolli, carrots and mushrooms found in the fridge, and made one of those freakishly amazing muffin tops I made on Sunday (lots of protein - two egg whites and a little pb on top).  There is no picture of this, because well it is just an odd dinner, and besides in words, it should not be documented...

So, with one day to go before the 200 mile Cape Relay, starting on Friday, I am going to drink this last glass of water and head to bed, so I can get my rest now, as I won't be sleeping at all Friday night!!  More to come on the relay tomorrow - but tonight I say goodnight, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

What is your favorite dinner?

Ugh - it is hard to choose - I am a lobster fan, and love love any type of seafood stew with toasted breadsticks...but all in all a good piece of seafood paired with some yummy veggies and I am happy!

What is the craziest race you have ever signed up for?

This relay is mine, but I am hoping that I will get to try a tough mudder or something similar next year!

What makes a good friend to you?

Someone who knows when you need to talk, when you need to be left alone, when you need to get out, and when you just need to vent and vent and vent some more (with no words of judgement, just nods)...I have great friends that help me through everything and know my quirks and still love me - I am lucky I must say!

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