Monday, May 23, 2011

Mad Catter Regatta Recap

Wow what a weekend! Get ready for picture overload!!

So as I mentioned in my Thursday post, I spent the weekend outside of Syracuse, NY for Tripp's regatta - the first of the season for me!
Chris our fearless leader, yet again - manned the driving of this rig the whole way!!

The snacks I consisted off of for the past 3 days - healthy I know...please don't judge, I was appeasing 5 guys in the process
I love regattas, but I usually have a little more female companionship than this weekend. I drove in a massive RV from Hopkinton, MA to Brewertown, NY with 5 guys ( started with 2, picked up 2 more in Ludlow, MA, and a tripp at Syracuse airport).
Good thing I woke up at 6:30 Thursday morning to bake these! They went
like hot cakes - oh, and don't mind the presentation - it was the taste that matters...and the
fact we had to keep them in the RV sink so they wouldn't crash onto the floor while driving
Hanging out once we got to Oneida, although that was also Tripp's seat once he jumped in the RV, riding in style, only the best for my sailors :)
What an event! We left Boston a good hour late, thank you traffic, and had to pit stop in ludlow to pick up some sailors and the boats- nothing too important :) we met them at clearly the best place in western mass, Randall's Farm. We just happened to be hungry and Randalls just happens to have fabulous sandwiches and cider donuts - so I grabbed us dinner while the boys hooked the boat up to the RV.
Holy Hugeness! This get-up made it both to and from Syracuse, NY!
6 hours after leaving Lexington, we were pulling into Oneida state park and ready for bed - boat work, hockey and distance races on the plate for the boys - working from the RV for me.
My humble work and living abode for the weekend: Le Chateau de Gansett (official sponsor of the NE F-18  fleet)
One thing about regattas, you have to be able to stay up late drinking run drinks and beer, and still be able to get up early to sail and sail well. This is still a fete I have not comprehended...
Tripp had to work really hard for a few hours on Friday as well

F-18 fleet flag, can't tell, but it is hot pink :)
I did get out on a boat for a little while Friday afternoon- not to race, but just to check out the boats mechanics and check out the lake ( they raced on a lake, which is a refreshing location compared to their usual beach-front regattas).
Garth and I looking good in our wetsuits!
I went to bed slightly early Friday night and got some crap for it...but I had very little sleep Thursday night and I wanted to do a longer run in the morning without my stomach and head hating me.
Enjoyed this delicious loaded veggie pizza and a big salad, a regatta beer and headed to bed
Instead if the 9er I planned out, I was asked to do a morning run with Chris (the fearless leader from the cape relay and tripp's skipper for this regatta). I don't turn down running buddies and was really excited he was amped to go. We did a 4.8 miler and the weather was perfect for a morning run!
Bfast goods I packed for the boys...

My bfast, typical english muffin, pb, jam, banana and some fresh melon & pineapple...yum!
We had to get back for the day's sail races (that was the reason we were there after all) or else we might have run a little further, but it felt great to get something accomplished before 10 am on a Saturday.

The start was delayed...

And delayed...

And delayed some more.

A little surprise showed up! Grandma and grandpa verbridge and the worlds most amazing oatmeal raison cookies (i may have had a few more than 1 of these) - they were fantastic!

Tripp even surprised them since he race was still delayed and took them out for their first catamaran sail with him!

Grandma & Grandpa Verbridge on the cat :)
When the races finally got started around 2 pm, they got about 3/4 of the race in before they sent all boats back to shore due to lack of wind. I mean really, you make the poor guys and gals rig up their boats, wait around all day, get all excited and suited up to finally get out there and almost through the race and then pull the plug?! Just let them finish one!

While they were starting to come in, I knew I would be bored and doing nothing special, so I did what any other crazy sailor's widow would do and I laced up my running shoes and headed out for a second run of the day!

The sun came out full blast finally! And 4 very hot and slightly exhausting miles later, I was back at camp just in time to grab my shower bag and walk with my man to the showers. 8.8 miles on a Saturday - not too shabby in my book!
Saturday night's dinner and regatta brew :)
Tripp and I playing on the playground toys and instruments

The Saturday night party was pretty epic as promised and they even had a bar made from a catamaran Hull (and more bottles of rum to stock it than I knew what to do with).
The "hull" bar

Today was slow for me needless to say, but the boys had their wind and got out on the water early! They got in 4 awesome races while I froze on the beach and read from my new book, Christopher McDougall's Born to Run ( very excited for this, everyone has given me rave reviews about it - will recap later when finished). I did make a friend and we drove down to Syracuse to pick up some Dinosaur BBQ - which also had rave reviews (and deserved its 4.5 stars from yelp) that it most definitely lived up to! No pictures because the boys were so hungry and so happy that they chowed it down.

Me freezing on the beach in my 3 lays of sweats and LUNA winter hat (thankful I had this for sure!)
Love these snack packs - interesting yogurt covered dried fruit for only 80 cals and not too horrible on the nutrition facts (I was CRAVING healthy!)
Then it was time to clean up, pack up, and head home. Tripp and Chris won 2nd in their class (F-18) and won a case of Pabst blue ribbon for a beer handicap in the distance race Friday afternoon. My superstars :)
The boys getting their 2nd place trophy! Way to go Tripp and Chris!
Now we are heading home, dropping off some sailors, giving Grammy a hug and kiss while we drop off the sailors and hopefully getting home by 11 pm! Phew...what a weekend! I am so tired, but had so much fun at my first regatta of the season, there will be many more to come!

**Update** Didn't get back to Boston until 12:30 AM and bed by 1 AM, didn't get the chance to post last night!
Have you ever been to a regatta? Do you enjoy watching sailing or going sailing?

I went to my first regatta two years ago when I started dating tripp (and his sailing life) and I love them more and more! I am no good at sailing, but I love to see tripp get so excited and do so well!

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