Monday, May 23, 2011

Moody Monday and Base Building

I will admit, I have been a bit moody today, I mean really who isn't moody on a rainy, dark, no sleep Monday?  That is right my friends, I am not proud to admit, but I got a very unhealthy 5 1/2 hours of sleep last night.  I can't complain though, because poor Tripp, who did get a little nap in the RV on our trek back to Boston, had to fly out...again :( ....early this AM.
(excuse the blurry phone pics - the RV was rambling down the highway)
So yes, back to my mood, I did a big no no, I snapped back at a co-worker! Well not too bad, but I just couldn't get out my whole sentence/thought without being interrupted, and I sort of yelled about it, only a little...

After so much unhealthy, but oh so fun, weekend shenanigans (drinks, little sleep, little workouts, lots of junk food), I vowed to take it healthy this week.  I am going to try my hand at some cleaner eating and more mindful snacking.  As you probably recall, I am not so good at "diets" so this is just a thoughtful eating plan.  So for breakfast, I had this:
Yogurt bowl car breakfast: black cherry yogurt, vanilla almond Special K,
dried mixed fruit, banana, and some frozen peaches on top
I washed that down with a big liter of water on my uneventful drive to work, and was pretty darn full until around 11, where I brought out some Yogi Green Tea (Triple Echinacea flavor) carrots and peanut butter (this was post snapping - I figured it might be no sleep mixed with low blood sugar) and boy did that perk me back up a little and I got productive...nicely :)

Until the tummy grumbled a little more, and I started droning out a little more, and then came this:
Garden Lites Roasted Veggie Souffle - not bad, a little bland, but ingredient list was great and I brought a little ketchup (mixed with some hot sauce of course) to spice it up a little :) I also had some Kashi Heart to Heart Whole Grain Crackers for some carb lovin...
Then I was refueled and fresh to go for another 4 hours of work! Without tooting my own horn, a pretty good start to my clean eating week, I must say!

So base not architectural, not stomach mechanics, but running :) Oh yeah, you might have forgotten that I signed up for the Newport Marathon this coming October!! Well I haven't, and now that my good friend Emma is signed up too, we will be running a lot more together to train for this thing!!
A Runner's marathon base is one of the most important components of the pre-race training, because it allows your body and mind to build the endurance and strength needed to power through your full on marathon training plan, without burning out on your first long run, or getting hurt from increasing the more than 10% recommended weekly mileage increase.  A base is a program of target mileage to get you ready for your full training regime. There are lots of free schedules out there, but this one below from follows the principles that I am describing about base (mileage) build-up


By not working to build your base, you put yourself at risk for training-ending (and therefore, race ending!) injuries and defeat before you even begin the race.  Depending on how experienced a runner you are, determines the length of your base building.  If you are pretty new to running, you might start your base at 4 - 5 shorter runs per week (think 2 - 3 miles) and clock your base build week 1 at 8 to 15 miles.  Remembering the rule of 10% increase, you should only be totally around 9 - 16 miles in week 2.  Ideally, you want to gradually build to be able to run your long distance goal by at least 4 months out from the marathon.  This could take a few months, so be patient!

If you are already further down the line on this base building plan, as I believe I am (which is a good thing, because I need to start my marathon training plan in two weeks!), you can pick up from that week line and keep building!

I will be documenting my marathon training on here, and will post a schedule once I get my act together :) But I am really excited to share with you all and to get going on this!!

I am off to get in a speed workout and some kick-boxing (if I don't fall asleep at the gym!) and then digging up some healthy goods for din din - maybe that will jolt me out of this Moody Monday!!

Have you ever snapped a little more than you should have in an inappropriate place (i.e. work?!) How did you react?

I gave a little tude today and I was apologetic, but still a bit embarassed!

Have you trained for a marathon before? Did you build a base or jump right into training? I am interested on others opinions on this?!

I have been steady running 20+ miles a week for a while now, so I kind of jumped into the base training, but I can definitely see the immense importance of building a solid (and comfortable) mileage before getting into the 20 miles at a time runs!! (I am still a super nervous for those!)


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! i am excited to follow you and will definitely look forward to reading about your training for the NEWPORT MARATHON! woo hoo!

    I have not actually heard of base training at least in the sense of following a schedule. I definitely worked on just increasing my mileage last fall by 10% week until I hit 30-35 miles and then started training for my marathon. I think it went well...I think I just started doing longer runs too early in training and got burnt out quickly. I wish I would have been more gradual with those.

  2. I just found your blog through another and am loving it. And FYI....fellow Bostonian here!

    I am currently training for my first 1/2 marathon and am using a training schedule. Need to increase my milage and add in some longs runs. Good luck on your training!


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