Thursday, May 5, 2011

Relay Fever

Penguin® Shoe Goo BLACKLast night was a great night....I ran and the rain held out for the whole run, I blogged, I ate, and I shoe glued! Oh that is right...I got my new order of Penguin Shoe Glue yesterday and went to town on my Ahnus that fell apart last week and an older pair of sandals that needed some shoe glue loving!  Very exciting substance, smells and feels like (yes I got it all over my hands, because well I am a spaz) rubber cement, and comes in a tube big enough to shoe glue an army (really - way more than any normal person would need - unless you are me and drag your feet when you walk, and mess up every pair of shoes in sight :) ).

So this morning I woke up bright and early (6:30 if you were wondering) and all I wanted to do was get moving - go for a run, go to the gym, something! I had to reel it in though and decided to do some stretching, laundry and coffee brewing.  With less than 24 hours until my first of three runs for this weekend's Cape Relay, I need to rest these thunder thighs and work on maintaining my energy stores as best of possible - I will be needing every last one tomorrow and Saturday!

Getting on the road early with my delicious potato bread toast, pb, honey, cinnamon and banana car breakfast, because the early bird catches the worm, or something like that...well before pulling out of the garage, I took a peep at my phone as I plugged it into the car charger (thank god for those things!) and saw a little text inviting me to yet another relay....not this summer or 2 weeks! Now my immediate reaction was to write back YES - I love to torture my body by making it fire for three races in less than 24 hours  on the regular! But the little voice of reason (you know, the one that kept me in bed this morning, instead of busting out a 5 miler), knocked on my noggen and said "WAIT!! You need to remember what your body felt like last year, post relay" Which was good advice, as last year I had a piriformis issue that lasted a good month and some painful runs I kindly replied, I will let you know on Sunday - because I do want to do it, I just also want to be able to run my first 26.2, not to mention still be running past age 24!

This new relay, the Ragnar Relay, would take me from Yale (or New Haven, CT to be proper) to Harvard (Cambridge, MA) - so I would be able to say I did the Ivy's :)  in a very similar about 200 mile, 12 team member, relay format - and I would be running 15 - 17 miles...Fingers crossed, my body holds out past Sunday and I can say yes :)
Now...mileage wise, I am doing a big no no this week! I am upping my weekly mileage by more than the 10%  rule of thumb...but I am hoping that because I took it easy most of the week, my body will react in a loving way to this slight least we can all hope! I have been averaging 20 miles a week (sometimes less, sometimes more...its an average people)....which isnt too insane to begin with, but hey I got sick of the treadmill and Boston weather is just starting to look appealing to be outside...I will be clocking in over 29 miles this week! This is a big increase not only because it is more than 10% (about 45%) upwards of my average, but because I am doing this in only 3 1/2 days of running (thats like 8-10 miles a run!)

Onto a more happy note - I get to see Tripp a whole day early due to this big event, as he is the leg right after me - that means I get one extra night with him than normal, and I get to slap the sweaty wrist band "baton" on his wrist three times during the next 48 hours :) That is love...Let's see how I feel about him after the next two days in a crowded, smelly van with him...j/k :) (well not about the crowded, smelly van ride). Also adding to my joy - I believe my Garmin is back to tracking my mileage without lying about 3 minute miles :)

Back to being productive for me - and all of you reading this right now! It is difficult to stay busy when it is my Friday already!!!!

Stay Tuned!

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