Monday, May 9, 2011

Sundays are for baking and recovering from relays

So I left you all with a fabulous little ode to Momma, which could have lasted about 500 pages, but I was running on Marquis time, per usual (late if you don't me that well yet is what that means), but with good reason, as I was a little gimpish getting around and it took me about 5 minutes to not only get up from the couch, but to sit down on it too...

My legs and mind were still exhausted, and I think thought they were still running, after a phenomenal Cape Relay weekend! So I woke up late, and made a high-protein breakfast and vitamin water, to try to give those legs of mine back some juice and power...

My new favorite bfast: protein muffin, pb & J, banana
I then rushed (went super slow, and started about 3 hours after I found the recipe I wanted make) to make banana bread (one for the roomies and one for Tripp to take to Seattle - yes he is leaving me, again :( )and banana oat clusters (for my little sister, who heard some not so ideal, but not end of the world news this weekend - and I thought needed a little mood booster).  I did not make anything for my Momma on Mother's Day, as I figured my Grammy or little sister would have already taken care of everything, especially yummy chocolate desserts!
Banana was the theme of these baked goods, as we had 4 large and oh so ripe bananas just begging me to smoosh and cook them! The banana oat clusters were a great and super healthy find - and I believe they are vegan, which I am not, so that wasn't the highlight exactly for me - I actually added in a little somethin somethin extra to make them extra delicious (maybe a little messy too...) -

The banana bread on the other hand is a specialty of mine, I say that because it is one of the one items I can bake without screwing up something along the way (at least 95% of the time).  I also feel that I have perfected my recipe for this particular banana bread most awesomely!

Banana Bread

  • 2/3 c all purpose flour
  • 2/3 c Whole Wheat flour
  • 1/4 tsp. baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 3/4 tsp. baking soda
  • massive dash of cinnamon (my not-so secret, secret ingredient)
  • 1/3 c brown sugar
  • 1/3 c white sugar*
  • 1/2 c (one container) unsweetened applesauce
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 large very, very ripe bananas
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Pull out either two small loaf pans, or one medium/large size loaf pan and spray with Pam (or baking spray equivalent).  Mix all dry ingredients, well, in a medium bowl.  Use an electric mixer and beat the sugar and applesauce on high until mixed. Slowly pour dry mixture into wet mixture, while beating on medium.  Add the whole egg and beat well, add in the egg white and beat just until batter is mixed and slightly fluffy.  Smoosh bananas very well either in a separate bowl with potato masher type instrument or in your hands (which I oddle enjoy) and fold into batter**.  Pour batter in pan(s) and place in heated stove.  Bake for a good 45 - 50 minutes, or until the top of the loaf seems to be starting to brown/crack.  Take out and test with wooden poker - if poker comes out clean (a little banana is fine) your bread is done!
* You can do all brown sugar if you prefer, it works fine - I tend to prefer brown sugar better anyways.

**You can also throw in some walnuts or chocolate chips when you are folding in the banana - but I prefer the plain version

Running a good 2 hours behind after this "extravagant" baking, I didn't exactly get the shower I intended to take and look put together in honor of the beautiful women in my life (I technically didn't shower at all....), so I pinned up the hair and put on a hat - put on a sun dress (because even though it was chilly out, the sun was shining so pretty and bright) and ran out of the house (hobbled on my gimp legs, if it takes 5 minutes to sit down on the couch, you best believe it took me 15 minutes to get down the three flights of stairs - my roommie on crutches actually offered one to "help out") and made it to Grammy's house in Ludlow just in time to see the gorgeous filets and scallops being put on the grill - now that is what I call timing :) The best part was - I surprised them all!!! Besides the cycling jersey I mailed her 4 days too early and size too small, this was a pretty good present...

The Randall Women hard at work in the kitchen

We enjoyed a surf and turf themed fesast starring melt in your mouth filets and just right scallops, grilled asparagus, Grammy's famous stuffed summer squash and eggplant, rice pilaf, fresh salad and wheat rolls.  I am not one to eat red meat very often (maybe once a month?), and I wanted to devour the plate these filets were perched on!! I dipped my bread in all the juicy goodness the plate had to offer, but that was as close as the fam would let me get.

A fabulous meal was then topped off by a delectable chocolate raspberry cake from Greenfield's Market and homemade Lemon Drop cookies (courtesy of the little sis, chef/baker in making)....and of course....Randall's Homemade Ice Cream (cookie dough :) ).

The presents time was the best, as I got to witness my grown aunts battle it out to see who had the best card and most/best presents.  They can tell who had the best card by who makes Grammy tear first, which is kind of sentimental and sick all wrapped up into a Happy Mother's Day card bundle, but w/e floats their mom won for sending the first card....on Easter (she got her holidays confused - we forgave her cuz it was Momma's Day), she also won for the best present (also the smallest I must add - the book my Grammy had wanted to read), and of all little sister won for making Grammy tear! Like mother like daughter I suppose - it was truly a touching card, I must admit.

After a great night with some phenomenal women (oh and my uncle John and Daddy) I picked up my box of groceries (yes I was at Randall's, so I HADD to stop :) - plus it means not having to go grocery shopping tonight :) ) and headed back to Boston - just in time to jump into bed with my love and crash for the night....

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