Monday, May 30, 2011

Where the Figawi?!

So, as I mentioned Friday, I spent this fantastic Memorial Day weekend on a boat (well most of it).  Tripp and I saddled up at the ripe time of 9 o'clock pm on a holiday Friday to embark on what would be an epic sailing trip taking us from Hyannis, MA to Nantucket, MA and back again in 24 hours - this race is the one and only Figawi.  We were armed with our water proof packs and this deliciousness...
Summer in a bowl...strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, oranges, pineapple, watermelon and mango
After a quick pit-stop about 30 minutes into the drive, we finished off dinner around 10 and were in Hyannis and tendering out to our yacht by 11.
Chicken Ceasar Salad with salsa instead of dressing - best surprise, there were hot peppers and olives in there!
After a tiring day of work, baking, packing and driving, we found our bed for the next two days, crawled in and crashed hard - we had an early day of sailing ahead of us and we wanted to be in prime shape.
Our sleeping quarters for the weekend - notice our waterproof packs, efficiency at its best
We woke up bright and early and welcomed the last 2 members of our crew, cooked up some bacon, egg and cheese english muffin sandwiches, busted out that fruit salad heaven, and prepared the boat for a riveting ocean race to Nantucket.
Notice the pea soup fog back-lighting this fine group
Vehicle of choice, a Hunter 31 by the name of Persistence, and yes we fit eight of us in there for the duration of the weekend - we are that good.
The gang's all here
With a thick fog covering the harbor and 100 yard visibility, we buckled down and waited out the 3 hour delay...what better way to kill a couple of foggy and damp hours than pulling on our foul weather gear, breaking into the vodka gimlets, and cracking some beers - a typical pre-race routine, no?
After 3 solid hours of pre-race prep, the horns were blown and the race was underway! We were under the navigation of our trusty Skipper Sam and a few more guest Captains along the way - what a great group of teammates, let me tell you!
The race was off to a great start! I have never seen so many sailboats in a race at one time, so I was a little bit in awe...or maybe I was swooned by my seatmate
No, it was definitely the massive amounts of boats around us - some larger than others, some with motors, some with black sails, some with spinnakers, some without...
Keeping an eye on our competition, we kept a steady path, we laughed, we cried, we tacked we jibed, we sat the rail and manned the lines...
We snacked...
and snacked pretty well! 
We hydrated...
Magic Hat summer ale - one of my favorites! It is a beet based beer!!
And we snacked some more...
We were out there to have a good time (well and to win a race), and a good time we had...
Everything was so surreal, the one thing we were missing was...wind - yes, I know, a sort of important component to racing sailboats, especially while racing upwind.  After about 4 hours of drifting and dodging other boats and buoys, the race committee extended the end time by an hour, and more importantly, the post-race festivities - which was great news since we were still quite some ways from Nantucket - but inevitably an hour later, we bit the bullet and lowered our sails - the motor was on, but our pride was intact.
Sails down into Nantucket Harbor

We surely weren't the only ones to bring our sails down, and motor in...
Once we secured our spot on the slips, we really let loose and celebrated making it to Nantucket safe and sound - and how gorgeous a night we had to celebrate in!
We popped some Rose bubbly

We took in the sites

We grilled out on the back of the boat (grilled corn  - first of the season for me!, steak tips, swordfish, and salad)

We put on our party hats and cheersed our phenomenal day!
Some say the Figawi tent party is even more epic than the race itself - and I would have to agree - which is why there are no photos of that portion of the night...the camera got tucked away and our dancing shoes (and drink tickets) came out to play!  Let's just say this was one really great night on Nantucket :)

Sunday morning came too quickly, we cleaned up our act and the boat a little, piled back on deck and were off for our return trip to Hyannis...
The sun was shining...

Then the sun was not...and the pea soup returned and Tripp was not so happy
 But we put on some smiles and our foul weather gear again, avoided some ferries, avoided some other boats, and thanks to some sick navigation, made it to shore - where surprise, surprise, the sun was out and in full glory!
Bet you can't tell who this is...went from shorts and bikini to this fine get up within 10 minutes of sailing.

Tripp and I packed the car back up and headed back to Boston, where we de-sea salted, put ourselves back together and went out on the town...the night was warm, so we hit up our favorite summer spot, B&G Oysters in the South End, for some light seafood, oysters and white wine. Honestly Barbara Lynch is a genius and I am obsessed with all of her restaurants I have tried (still need to hit up Butcher Shop, Sportello and Menton).  Each of her restaurants have been a solid experience all around I must say!

Today, we layed very low, did some laundry, picked up some groceries and grilled up a pretty phenom Memorial Day BBQ with some friends and some fro-yo and a walk - there are no pics, because I promised Tripp I would keep the camera under wraps for the remainder of the weekend (I am still working on him thinking it is semi-normal for me to photo my food - I don't know why he really finds it odd, since I have been doing it long before I started this blog :) ).

So, with work in the AM and an exhaustingly fun weekend - I am hitting the hay...hope you all had a great and safe weekend, I know I did :)

Have you ever competed in a distance sail race? 

This was my first and I have to admit, I was mainly on snack/meal duty - I am more of the mother hen on board than a weathered sailor.

How did you spend your Memorial Day Weekend? Are you ready for life as usual on Tuesday?

I had a great experience sailing and spending time with awesome friends - no I am not ready for real life to start again tomorrow!


  1. what a fantastic weekend!!! spent with great friends and a ton of great food. Thanks for being our mother hen. Great write up :D

  2. your weekend sounds AMAZING and so adventurous! I have never even heard of a distance sail race but it just sounds FUN! And that fruit in the beginning looks SO delicious! YUM.

    I am so not ready for the week ahead but it was nice to have a long weekend! Have a fabulous day!


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