Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Today was a good day...not only am I already two days down in the work week already (thank you holidays), but I had a great morning run - first time I have woken up early to run since this heat wave hit Boston, and it was gorgeous out, anddd to top off the day, I won a giveaway! Me, miss wicked unlucky :)

  • 5 mile run 38:30 minutes - 60 degrees, sunny, low wind = heaven
  • Hot Yoga, Journey to Your Core - Karma Yoga Studio, South End Boston
    • Hottest yoga to date!! I looked like a jumped in a pool afterwards (which is reason enough not to take a photo, fear of water damaging my camera)
After a great morning run - I love morning runs because I feel jazzed up and ready to take on the day - I brought back the yummy Whole Wheat english muffin with PB - one side with jam, one side with honey and cinnamon, both sides banana, mmmhmm. I also filled up a cup of homemade iced tea with a little lime, very refreshing on a morning that was already 75 degrees by the time I was leaving the house!

Work was productive, but nothing too special...until...I was reading through Ali's posts about her holiday weekend, and realized I won her Planet Gear giveaway (also, if you have a chance, go over and tell her congrats on her half marathon PR from this weekend - all for a great reason (Boston's Run to Remember).  I am really excited to get this giveaway and head over to Planet Gear to pick up some great active gear/equipment!! Thanks again Ali!

After this little rush of excitement, I did something else that was pure awesomeness - I took up a co-worker's offer to lunch in the sun and actually left my desk at lunchtime, like got away from my computer for almost an hour!! This means I am on my way to checking off another goal on my 2011 goal list! And oh, what a fabulous afternoon break it was - the sun was shining, there was good conversation, and a great "everything but the kitchen sink" salad with some leftover veggies and BBQ chicken from yesterday's BBQ!
Fenway Park - what a great hometown field!

Then, if winning the giveaway wasn't enough - my Dad called and offered Sox tickets for tomorrow afternoon! Score! This will be my first game of the season and I can't wait - Go Sox!!
So here I am, I just finished a semi-alright seared Tuna (not chicken), with homemade peanut soy sauce, homemade sweet potato fries and eggplant wedges (no pics, cuz well it wasn't picturesque). Bedtime for me - can't wait to try another run tomorrow AM!


What is your favorite baseball team?

Boston Red Sox all the way - call me a pink hat, but I love to watch the games live at Fenway, a fabulous feeling!

Do you like to work out in the morning, lunchtime, or evening?

It is more convenient for me to work out after work, but with marathon training happening during the heat of the summer, I am trying to amp up my early morning runs....they are really a great way to start off the day!


  1. Just found your blog! Congrats on the win! I've always worked out in the evening, but we're trying to switch it to mornings.

  2. Awesome day! Congrats on the giveaway win. I'm loving your iced tea with lime--I always use lemons but limes would be a really nice twist!


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