Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Arch candy and a speedy realization

So after my little shoe tradegy (and almost date night ruined) I was in need of some feet love yesterday...

OK and I had a groupon that expires in 4 days to a fabulous running store: Greater Boston Running Company that required me to spend at least $50 on running goods - whoa is me :)

The goods you may ask?!
Turned that shoe fail frown upside down :)
These beauts are the Saucony Women's ProGrid Ride 4...and they do ride pretty nice, at least in my practice jog down the sidewalk in front of Greater Boston Running in Lexington center :)
Arch Candy right there...
Seriously though - these are what I call arch candy, because as much as I was drooling over the new New Balance Minimus, they wouldn't cut it for one mile, let alone marathon training (which starts oh so soon!!).  I have a really high arch, and because of that, I supponate pretty nicely (grossly?).  I came to the realization last night, that my days of running in my beloved Asics Speedstars and my dreams of racing in those NB Minimuses are over - the reality is...my body, my feet, my gate....were not meant for those shoes - they were built for a Neutral, semi-supportive, comfortable running shoe. period.
The Speedstars when I wore them...source
There was a time when I trained AND raced in my Asics Speedstars, because...well...I felt like a freaking speedy running star! Fast-forward to fall 2010, PR at Newport Half, but for what? A couple months of rehabbing plantar fascitis and a constant nagging reminder of the poor choice I made?

This was a hard realization to swallow, as I want to earn that faster pace, and glide through the race course in Newport, and look hot and professional running in a sleek pair of minimalists.  Wants and needs are two very different feelings that I am learning, in my quest to be more balanced, to accept...no longer reject.

So on the topic of needs and wants - I also framed my goals thus far this year, around needs...not solely wants...and one of those needs? To give myself a break during the workday, take in some sun, get out of my 8 x 8 cube to enjoy lunch, not speed through it and get back to my inbox.
Not the prettiest picture, but the scene outside the camera sure was! 
I heated up my leftover pizza, grabbed some water, my salad, sunnies, and a good book (Born to Run = great read!) and headed out back to the patio benches....

Result? Pure awesomeness - I didn't feel guilty, I read three chapters, I soaked in a little too much sun and I was  am HAPPY, and didn't feel too down that I had to walk back to the 8 x 8!

So, if it is nice where you are, get outside, get some sun and Vitamin D, take a walk around the area, and smile a little bit - because that is a true NEED in my book :)
Do you find shoe shopping difficult ever because of the shape of your foot?

All the time! I love flip flops, but they are bad for the arch - I want to try minimalists so bad, but can't because of my high arch! However, I do enjoy being injury-free because I fit the shoes to my foot, not the other way around!

Do you know of any super light, high arch shoes?! 

No - so please please email me or comment if you do!!

Do you take a lunch break outside the office?

Not really ever....I am up to 2 for the past year (besides eating at meetings instead of the desk)

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