Monday, June 20, 2011

Back in Boston and it feels so good...and Dad's day recap

I finally made it back to Boston, after almost an entire week on the road - San Diego for 5 days and Western Mass for 2.5.  I am tired and a little lathargic, but I am miraculously still trying to get in a jog or a walk tonight, something short and sweet to get the legs moving again!

As I mentioned yesterday, I Flew into Hartford, CT to go see my Grammy first, as it was her birthday on Saturday and the ladies were having a brunch in her honor (ok, they always have Sunday brunch, but this one had not 1 but 2 delicious cakes!)
I had sugar overload yesterday, because besides the cakes, look at this massive brunch spread!!
lots of fresh fruit, a bunch of donuts, 2 quiches, italian cookies, chocolate chip muffins, and i was sitting in front of the two platefuls of bagels and cream cheese!!
Digesting time looked a lot like sunning by the pool, reading some runners world, taking in some more sun and  then grocery shopping at Randall's for massive amounts a few staples of local, fresh produce :)

Mom, lil sis and I headed home to cook yet another feast for the man of the day, Dad :) So onto the second festivity for the day we went, Father's Day...
Dad beaming at my Bentley Grad school graduation are who I get some of my best (and a few of my not so best) traits from, you have stood by me when it seemed many others wouldn't, you have been a father, a supporter, a friend, a put-me-in-liner (thank you for that one, seriously) a coach, a shoulder to cry on, a reason to keep trying harder and accomplishing more...I am so happy and lucky to have you in my life - I love you, Happy Father's Day (on Marquis time a day late :) ).

So how did we celebrate this great guy?! With another feast of course :) Just a few photos of the yumminess that ensued (sorry for any vegetarians - I spared you the pictures of me actually eating these monsters - it wasn't pretty).
Man of the day and some good eats & good wine

Ciabatta bread, grilled veggies (zucchini, summer squash, red pepper, mushrooms), Lamb Chops, pesto fun pasta (no idea what the name is, but really fun shape/texture)
 And of course...dessert :) Yes this is the third cake of the day if you were counting...
Friendly's Thin Mint Ice Cream Cake
Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day, weekend, and Manic Monday :)

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

I was traveling, traveling, visiting friends, traveling, visiting family, and some more traveling - so not super exciting, exhausted would be the better word!


  1. Love the Bruins game pic!! And that ice cream cake is calling me! Glad you made it home....nothing like your own bed!

  2. How fun! Family is the best. :)


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