Thursday, June 23, 2011

Build up is good

Workout (yesterday): 7.2 miles with Emma for LUNA community run (2 there, 3.2 with group, 2 back) 1:03 
(today): speed workout!! warm up (5 min), 8 x 400s at 6:30 pace w/ 400 recoveries, cool down w/ side shuffles - 5.12 miles (45 min).
Not the icky kind (yes I just used the word icky, fail), but the positive gradual increase of something, or as likes to put it:
(I am talking about #'s 3 - 5 if you didn't get the classy yellow circling)

Just as with most things in life, it isn't always the smart (or safe) choice to go all in on something, things like exercise, diet and smart choices take baby steps, that build up to an ultimate goal (5lb. weight loss, sub-3 hour marathon, exercising more regularly).  Although I have been known to dive into a couple things both feet in, eyes closed, breath held...I have learned to incorporate baby steps into each aspect of life...base-building for my marathon training (to avoid burning out or injury before the race), taking more lunch breaks, walking and resting more...

One of the biggest build ups to a goal I think I have am close to accomplishing, way before this blog ever popped into my brain, is my anxiety issues.  I would work myself up into such a tizzy (I am a winner with the word choices today) I would go into asthma/anxiety attacks, so bad that at times I would actually end up sidelined from games, in an ambulance after a dance, sitting on the floor of the bathroom in tears...whether it was nerves, excitement, or anger - I could not control it, and when it hit me, I was inconsolable...

When I was in school still, I started to work on this harder than I ever had before, and I thought it would be easy as breathe 1, 2, 3 times...I learned that it isn't that easy, and I needed to work on different techniques that fit my mind and body (sound similar to exercise or diet?).  I started with baby steps, acknowledging a game without issues and what I did to control my feelings, making it to work without screaming at the innocent car sitting in the same traffic next to me...It has taken me a few years...but I now know how to talk myself down from those negative places a lot clearer than I have ever been able to before (remember my love of "Es lo que hay?").

I know I talk a lot about finding a healthy balance for you, and your mind and body, and this anxiety piece is a great step in the right direction to building up to my balanced and healthy mind and body...not saying I am there yet, but through baby steps I am building up to a great place.

Today was a great test to dealing with anxiety as I tried to get to the gym early, but was stopped in my tracks by this:
Horrific traffic and I hadn't even left Boston....
And my first reaction was this:
Not too jazzed about sitting at a stop still for 25 minutes so early
As soon as I realized I was feeling the anxiety creep up, I re-routed my emotions and thoughts, and realized I was stuck in a great place to re-route my way to the gym! I could take a different route that was moving and I was right next to! I spun the negative thoughts into a positive alternative...

Anyways, that was my emotional spew for the day...onto other things, like this awesome last minute meal made with yesterday's rice mix :)
Tangy lemon rice, re-fried beans, stir-fried veggies, spices, fresh avacado
Or this fantastic shot of Emma and I after our soggy, rained soaked (but still great) 7 mile run for LUNA night :)
notice the shiny legs and shirts sticking to body....well maybe just the shiny legs :)
Or this sneak peak into what I am bringing to a lobster dinner party tonight :) (don't worry, I understand how jealous you may be of the lobster and/or the's ok, I don't blame you)

Happy Thursday everyone...take a second to look at the different things in your lives you are building up to!

What goals are you working to build up to right now?

marathon training, anxious tendencies, the right food portions (that is a tough one for me sometimes)

Do you like running in the rain?

normally I dread it, but last night it was a warm rain and we all felt like kids being able to jump in puddles again (you know it is slightly frowned upon to jump in the puddles outside your office building...bummer)

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