Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Club Can't Even Handle us Right Now...or RI

So as I mentioned yesterday, I was away all weekend for a couple amazing events, so here is my recap (keeping it PG, but letting you in on a little of the shenanigans!)

Friday I left work and raced to meet up with Emma to carpool down to RI for our friend Katie's surprise Bridal Shower (that's right RI, be prepared for August 19th...we will be rockin it!)

We flew through traffic and got there with 25 minutes to spare...thank goodness, because we still had to change into our dressy outfits and out of our work clothes then primp a little after the workday and drive. It was pretty impressive, because we did this all in less than 15 minutes and in the parking lot :)
Classy, I know...
The location, Waterman's Grille, was phenomenal! Such a pretty view, decent bar, and great setting right in Providence, RI.

Emma and I enjoyed a few cocktails while we waited for the lady of the hour. I had the lemon ginger martini and Emma enjoyed the red sangria.

Katie and her fiancĂ©e Chris (you might better know him as our fearless relay captain Chris) showed up right on schedule at 7, Chris took his leave, and we got right into the shower!
Chris at the bar with Emma and I

The cutest mini grilled cheese in mini tomato soup cups! 

My date I

The Lady of the Hour, Katie, in the middle 

There were tons of good food, drinks, gifts, buckets of wine (literally!), and a preview of what Katie's plans would be the next night...Oh yeah, the future Mrs. Titcomb was going to be celebrating her Bachelorette the next night with all of her bridesmaids and a few other close friends (yay Emma and I made the cut!).

Oh heyyyy
mmhmm chocolate shower cake and vanilla ice cream - housed this one!
So Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early...and headed off to Newport, RI (scene of the crime and wedding!) First stop...Atlantic Beach Club...armed with a band of hot pink shirted ladies, a list of "to dos" for Katie and some falic straws...

There was a pretty awesome cover band, ZOOM, a couple other bachelorettes and a very over-zealous Bachelor (it was only 2 PM and he wasn't making it to 3).
The whole crew, with a little bachelor

The guitarist borrowed my fidora...
We then had to check into the hotel, so I took the important components of the night and made sure they were safe on the drive into town...
Backseat companion?

Safety First!
Once at the hotel, we all dolled up a bit from our beachy clothes and got ready for dinner (with some more questions games and bachelorette fun)
Pretty Lady :)

The sailing ladies - we were showing off our lipstick jobs :)
Dinner time at The Mooring...had the most fantastic fish dish and oggled at everyone else's while I was it...the food was fantastic and the waitress was outstanding!!
Good friends

Good wine

Great sunset with the gals
The rest of the night was spent, completing the checklist, dancing the night away, face plant in the middle of a crowd (woopsie...), dancing more, new bars, and some more dancing...in the streets, in the club, in the stairway....

A very tired set of girls headed back to the townhouse around 1 AM, with a new tattoo, a chance to walk in someone else's shoes, a piggy back, an aisle walk for practice, lots a few shots, sore feet, tired heads, awesome memories!

Good Luck Chris and Katie - I know it will be an amazing ceremony for an amazing couple! (August 2011, Newport watch out!)

**Sorry for picture overload - I actually had to cut back on a ton! Also, no shoes, cameras or dignities were lost or damaged during this weekend....

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  1. What a fun weekend! Way to keep those beers safe in the car, haha!


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