Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The heat is on! Calling all Boston Lady Runners!

Workout (yesterday): 55 minutes boot camp, 4 mile speed workout (5 minute slow warm up, 2 minute moderate pace (7.2/7.4), 1 minute fast pace (8.8/9.0), repeat 8 times, 5 minutes slow cool down).
Holy cow is it warm in Boston finally!! I love the sporadic jumps from 65 to 80 to 60 to 95.  I swear we are in the Bermuda triangle of Global Warming!  Although I know I can't complain too much, because others across the country are much warmer (a co-worker from MN emailed me yesterday to say at 5 PM it was 103 degrees still!! And I won't start in with Gourmet Runner having to battle 96.8 degree heat at 7 at night!! Who by the way is having a GoTein Giveaway right now - so go check her out!), but here in Boston we aren't too used to 30/40 degree jumped in temp overnight!

Enough about my weather rambling (someone once told me that you bring up weather talk when you have nothing better/important to say - personally, I talk about the weather all the time...but I didn't take it as an insult...too much).  The heat I was referring to, didn't just cover the weather we are experiencing, but more so my dinner almost debauchery!

My grill, my beautiful little weber, and I have a love/hate relationship.  I take care of him, he doesn't always take care of me...he is a hot one! Like careful cooking at anything more than low...

I got artsy and took the picture on location :)
I tried to make a fabulous grilled dinner of swordfish, zucchini, summer squash, corn and sweet potatoes last night, and this is what I got (OK so the really burnt sides I tried to hide - and believe it or not, the corn was almost underdone!)

The steamed sweet potato fries were a pleasant treat
 I also got a hankering for Tabouli the other night and whipped up this massive small batch (I have one bowl at work besides this guy). I threw a little of this on the side of my plate and didn't take a picture, because well I felt obese counting the amounts of food I put on there and didn't want to keep looking at a picture of it....
 OK so I know I was going to get away from the heat outside, but honestly I got max 5 hours of sleep last night and my body is feeling it today! I am tired and a little cranky...I sleep on the third floor and all the heat (and smells...eww) make their way up to my room, and whether my window is open or lingers there all night and all day - one big humid mix of heat and uncomfortableness - not an enjoyable place to be...

Good thing I had this beauty to look forward to for lunch though! A mix of grilled veggies and fresh veggies and a big hunk of grilled swordfish to boot (I may or may not have also had another leftover piece of upper crust heaven...)

This afternoon will be spent hydrating for this heat! Tomorrow is supposed to be 97 degrees!! I have been doing pretty well on the hydrating since my water schedule I set up - I have been averaging about 3 L a day (spread throughout the day makes it seem a lot more manageable).

I have my Wednesday night LUNA chix community run tonight, and we have a special little extra for those of you women runners in the Boston area!! Tonight is going to be our June monthly social night! After our scheduled 6:30 Charles River Run, we will be heading over to MeadHall  in Kendall Square for some pints and eats - so come join us for the run, and check out the social afterwards!! Plus, as if you needed more persuading...there will be free mini LUNA bars at the end of the run :)
Do you like to grill? Do you tend to burn things or cook perfectly on it?

I LOVE to grill and I have a 50/50 chance of burning my food on this weber.

Are you going to join us for the LUNA community run tonight?!

Yes!! Can't wait to get out there and then social it up at MeadHall in Kendall Sq.


  1. Thanks for the giveaway shout-out! I love to grill but we haven't bought one since we moved. Hopefully soon, summer isn't the same without grilled food!

  2. the weather is finally nice here as well!!! it has been fluctuating like crazy but I think we have had 3 nice days in a total record! haha!

    YOUR FOOD LOOKS DELICIOUS!!!! I cannot wait to have my own grill some day! I loved grilled food in the summer! have a wonderful night!


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