Thursday, June 2, 2011

Humidity...18 seconds...tornadoes...

Throw all those things in a blender with the Red Sox loss, and you can just say good riddance to June 1st, 2011.  Not that I didn't have a spectacular day...if not super long day....but Boston didn't have the best....

My Dad surprised me with Red Sox tickets for Wednesday afternoon's game, Tuesday night (Marquis time biggie), which was awesome and meant I could work from home and get my planned on mid-distance run in before I started my workday without having to cut it short, rush through a shower and rush to traffic (ironic, I know) - score!

Let's start with the run...or anti-run....I was not a happy camper, as I should have been on a sunny, National Running Day, morning.  The humidity was high, like really high, even at 6:25 in the morning...the sun was bright, but I didn't think that bright, even at 6:25 in the morning...the water situation was not well thought out (hence my focus on having a hydration schedule now)...Let's just say, I made it to the Charles River, as planned, made it to the one water fountain I knew was there and made it home safely....we can leave out the 3 or 4 walks, or the 60 seconds over average pace splits, or the wheezing noise I think I scared my roommates with when I came back in....
Second time I have tried this - but since I thought I was pretty badly de-hydrated, I found this in the fridge and thought it would be a good idea to give it a whirl...thoughts? taste is ehh, but I did perk up a bit after a while and didn't feel drained like earlier!

Freezer Dump Green Smoothie for Breakfast, yes please :)
Then, around 9 AM as I was enjoying this delicious green smoothie and a Code Blue recovery drink, and a good 7 hours before the storms had predicted would come, there was, dare I say it, a random HAIL storm - really?! Thank goodness I was not still dragging my heavy legs down Mass Ave., or there could have been some issues...
Phil and our pitcher of Sam Summer at Cask n Flagon
The hail cleared and there was actually sunny skies, and no we didnt lose an ounce of humidity, but I was on my way to my very first Red Sox game of the season :) I was a happy camper, skipping to the T with my Dad and cousin Phil...and after a long, hot, sweaty, crowded pleasant T ride, we were there - Fenway Park, duh duh duh duh duhhhhh - and to Cask N Flagon we went for some sandwiches, fries, and beer...About 2 innings in, an empty pitcher of Sam Summer, and way too many of their deliciously scrumptious homemade fries (think huge real potato wedges) later, we were in the
Right behind the backstop, oh yeah!
The game went quick - thank goodness weather-wise, crappy for the Sox, who lost it in the top of the 9th inning to the White Sox after a strong 3-0 lead and a great outing by Wakefield...really?!
Wakefield was the starting pitcher - had a great game!

Love for 33

Papelbam, the ultimate closer - it may or may not be because of his entry music and bad ass persona
So with one Boston game under our belts, the troops decided we should hole up somewhere close to drink some more beer and watch the Bruins kick Canuk butt wait out the horrible storm predicted (tornado warnings and all - yes I live in Boston, MA).

Phil and I....not to self, this angle in both shots is really not flattering!
We made it to the safe, storm sheltering basement of Game On, and staked down some prime bar seats and, well the rest is not too exciting, except that... tornadoes hit....not Boston, but Springfield, MA - if you all remember, Randall's Farm and my mom's entire family (not to mention countless friends) are all located out there...after a few frantic phone calls I got in touch with Mom and the family and stand were A. OK. the tornados hit just south, and they just got the rain....that at that moment started pounding down on Boston....

  • There are 4 confirmed deaths, 55000 without power, many injured, and disastrous damage - my heart is with all of those who were affected and had to go through that!

The night was pretty long, and the hockey game was wicked exciting, until....20...19...18...score! 18 seconds left in the entire game (yes we were still at Game On!) and the Canuks scored - Stanley Cup Finals 1-0 Canuks - until Saturday!!!
Dad and I 
  So all-in-all a bad night for Boston (and MA in general), a fun and long night for me (12 hours of Boston sports, beers and too much testosterone) - but definitely great to spend time with the family.

Today I woke up, work day as usual - brought Phil home, had another Green Smoothie (sensing addiction) and had this deliciousness for lunch! Summer is definitely salad season, Vanessa has it right!
Seared PB/soy Tuna, Gala apple, spinach salad (w/ strawberries, grapes, blueberries, slivered almonds, celery and anis!)
I also got a spin class in at lunchtime (so this yummyness was eaten at the desk), so I am feeling good!


Do you follow Boston Sports? What is your favorite team (could be outside of Boston)

I love to watch the Sox - and I get into hockey because it reminds me slightly of field hockey and I get nostalgic.

Did you get any nasty weather this week? 

Yes, we got insane storms and even tornadoes! Craziness for Mass!

Is it normal to feel super sore the next day or two after spinning? 

I just started spinning and last week, I couldn't run for two days!

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  1. I LOVE MLB games. Really love them. I have not been in forever. I follow the Red Sox but the Braves are my absolute fave!

    It snowed on Monday here. I would prefer snow over tornadoes...but seriously??

    I have never done spin before but I have heard it can be an awesome workout!

    Have a wonderful night...hope the weather is better there now!


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