Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lucky Number...

5?! Yes 5...five is the number of random things I must come up with in order to honor the fabulous blog award granted by the even more fabulous Lindsey, Most Versatile Blogger...

I have had a little trouble thinking up 5 things (it is a lot harder than you would think - give it a try yourself!) and here is what I have come up with to share with you all...

5. I was voted "Biggest Flirt" in high school...which, if you know me is probably not completely surprising :)

4. I was on the Bahamian news for doing community service at a Nassau, Bahamas Boys and Girls Club during my college senior trip

3. My very first concert was Nelly and the Cash Money Millionairres (yes, I have had a gangstar side a good part of high school), mainly because my nickname was the same as his name - Nellie

2. I had never been on a sailboat before I met Tripp...only speed boats and kayaks

1. I have a button in my left knee and a cadaver in my right knee....classy, I know :)

Honestly, the more I wrote down, the easier they came to me...if you know me at all, or read the blog, I am pretty random in most things I seem to do in life...I have focus around my goals, around projects, and at work - but why not mix it up during the other hours of the day?!

My 5 versatile bloggers I want to honor with this award would have to be...

  • SUAR: Shut up and Run - as much as I don't admit it on the blog (I am still trying to get followers up here and don't want to scare away the couple that I have - so follow please :)...I relate to her wonderful stories of bodily distress while working it out
  • Lindsay: Cotter Crunch - she has some great insight into life and positive thoughts, some killer food choices, some intense workouts, and she may or may not have turned me onto Kombucha! (expensive habit lady!)
  • Ali: Food, Fitness, Fashion - she is a crossfit master, dresses to impress on the Boston streets, and always has a cool product or race review to share (some cute stories and tidbits on there too!)
  • Vanessa: Gourmet Runner - she is not only a phenom trail and road runner, but she is apparantly a level 3 (correct me if I am wrong)  Apprentice House Building Helper - the girl got skillz! Now if that isn't versatile I am not quite sure what the heck is!
  • Clare: Fitting It All In: she not only is a yoga and spinning queen, but she has some pretty cools eats and she is in the middle of moving to Dallas for a new job! How cool/strong/awesome is that?!

On another note, I know I have been a little MIA, awesome is chocolate cake?! This was my post-lunch treat today, a co-worker is leaving and we all got some :)

A piece of chocolate cake the size of my head :) Oh I am happy you better believe it!
I am off to check out skydivers and fireworks at Boston's Fan Pier!  Fourth of July coming early to celebrate the Extreme 40's in Boston!!


  1. Love your 5 random things! thanks for sharing! and that cake....ummmm DELICIOUS! at least it looks that way...I want some cake NOW. haha!

  2. Good job on your random things - it is hard to think of things! That cake looks amazing, btw!

  3. Haha, love your random things! And also that chocolate cake--yes please!
    Thanks for tagging me with the award too! Coming up with those random things is so hard, isn't it!!!?


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