Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monday lost day

Monday’s Workout: 4.19 miles in 29.54, 1 hour TRX class (and I am feeling it today!)
4:30 came very quickly this morning (Monday morning), perhaps because I didn’t get into bed, let alone asleep until 12:30.  It wasn’t my fault though, after the gym I chomped on a LUNA protein bar (will definitely have to do a write up soon on these bars – whoa they are good!) while I rushed home for the Bruins game and was greeted by roomie Jenna with an invite to head across the city to watch the game.  I gladly accepted, showered a little too quickly, grabbed some leftovers from Sunday night and we were off! The Bruins killed it right from the start, 4-0 in the first period! They ended up holding off the Canuks a while longer and took home the win (at home in the Bean J) 6-2. There will now be a Game 7 and hopefully a Stanley Cup in the B’s favor!

Stepping back a sec, I just need to mention a fabulous little spot Tripp and I literally stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago, 224 Boston St. We didn’t stop then, but Sunday we made it a date to check it out.  The interior was really cute, kind of like a beach café (per Tripp’s description) and the host was very attentive and nice.  We were sat in the dining room in a pretty nicely placed booth, I took the side looking into the open kitchen (I love to be able to see the place where it all goes down in restaurant kitchens).
I ordered a St. Germaine cocktail – Prosecco with a splash of St. Germaine (a delicious elderflower liquor, that goes really well with prosecco or any other bubbly) and Tripp got a Mt. Gay rum and tonic.  We ordered up a serving of calamari, because both of us had been craving it lately and our meals.

I got the mahi mahi with quinoa and veggies, with a lemon cream sauce and capers.  It was pretty decent, but since I got really ambitious with the calamari, I didn’t have too much room left for it in all its deliciousness.  I got the rest wrapped and helped Tripp with his braised short rib app (which was enough meat to make a full meal).  The short rib was so tender and melted in the mouth, very enjoyable!
The reason i almost missed my connection :/
After that nice little tangent, fast forward back to 4:30 this morning…I am on my way out San Diego for work – checking out the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition.  I am pretty excited about this trip, not only because it will be incredible face time with some prospective clients, but it is also my very first trip to San Diego. 

I have heard fabulous things about San Diego, and I am a little nervous I might want to stay! Sun, no humidity, constant temp year round…umm sign me up! I will have to do a full report back on my final feelings about this place on Sunday, when I have had the full effect!
On the plan for this week? I packed a bunch of workout clothes, so I can try to keep up with my mileage, as I am at the end of my tapering period (and still not super happy with weekly mileage) the conference for the next 3 days, and then a visit with an old friend from home and some fun and sun with her J (another bonus of heading to San Diego finally!)
Anyone have some good suggestions of things I should be doing in San Diego?!

Are you good with flying/early morning flights?
I love to fly, as long as I am not late to the airport, but even then it gives it a bit of excitement running to the gate.  6:25 AM flight didn’t sound too too bad, but 4:30 was super early and I only slept another hour on the plane!


  1. Have fun in San Diego! I don't love early morning flights--if I can get a late night one I prefer it since I'm happy to sleep on the plane!

  2. Have fun!! I don't particularly like early morning flights, but it seems for some reason that's what we have to get alot of the time.


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