Friday, June 17, 2011

My week in San Diego Recap

I am not hoem yet, still soaking up some Cali sun, but I have been out of the loop a little in the blogging world (hence my Wednesday post about Monday?!?!)
It has been a whirlwind week out here - packed full of networking, working, networking, eating, networking, and more working.
View from my room
The weather is like clockwork, which is nice to know when preparing for the day - what to wear, what to bring to conference.  In the morning the skies are so gray you think the sky will open up at any second and rain all over you, but it doesnt.  Around 12 o'clock - 2 o'clock PM the foggy clouds burn off and the sun shines through, the temperature goes from comfortable chill to scorching in the sun.  Then around 6/7 PM the fog rolls back in, and the skies are gray again until the next afternoon.  This little cycle is referred to as "June Gloom" out here in San Diego, it happens every June without fail, but it never rains and the other three quarters of the year are perfectly sunny everyday (or so I am told)
Such a pretty Marina
I am out in San Diego for the IRCE 2011 (internet retailer conference & exhibition).  The conference was really great to be a part of - I got to speak to clients, throw a dinner event and attend a few cool events myself. So here I go, I will start with Tuesday (the day I got out here).

Tuesday: Workout - get to airport at 5:25 AM, make connect at JFK and walk to baggage claim in San Diego :)
The pool at the hotel

my hotel - Marriott and Marina Hotel
I soaked up some sun before heading over to the conference hall for the opening exhibit cocktail reception.  Talked...a lot, had some passed hors deuvres and red wine and just as quickly as it started, we were walking out into the Gaslmap Quarter night.  We hit up a rooftop party at the Hardrock Hotel one of the vendors was throwing, had some patron cocktails and some (the first time I have ever seen on a menu) heavy appetizers (taco bar and mac n cheese bar, plus some more passed food).  Everthing was amazing, but we were still not too satisfied by late night, so we hit up Nobu downstairs for some lobster sushi and more deliciousness :)

Wednesday: Workout - Ran 6.14 miles along harborway behind hotel (45:37 minutes). Walked to stairs and ran stairs for another 1.12 miles. push ups ad crunches.
Top half of stairs
Bottom Half of stairs
I saw a lot of cool things on my run and the waterfront was gorgeous of course, one of the cool things I ran into was the Bob Hope Memorial

And the Marine History Museum

I met up with an old friend from home (whom I am staying with this weekend) at her restaurant, Toast Enoteca & Cucina - delicious Italian wine bar that was having a 4-course wine pairing dinner event! It was so so good, the theme was Organics and the wines and food all had predominantly organic ingredients - really cool :) We then split dessert, went to one more bar for a night cap and some pool and then back to hotel for me.

Thursday: Workout - Run 4.03 miles along waterfront behind hotel (29:45). 25 push ups, 100 jumping jacks.

This was the last day of the conference for me and after the booth and my run I had to rush off to our promo dinner event, at Morton's The Steakhouse (first time here and in love) because I was logistics lady and had to get the gifts and name tags set up.  I was so excited and busy I actually forgot photos!! But OMG the food was phenomenal! I ordered the filet, medium rare, which came with green beans and a massive baked potato, waldorf salad to start and dessert trio of cheesecake, chocolate mousse and vanilla cream mousse.  The passed apps were the best tuna tartare and crab cakes I have EVER tried. The tuna tartare was served on cucumber slices instead of fried wontons, and there was next to know fillers in the crab cakes - all crab baby!

The event went really well - the service was a little slow due to back ups in the kitchen, but everything else went off without a hitch!

Friday: workout - 6 miles same area (46:24) upper body free weight workout on bosu ball and crunches. The gym at the hotel is really nice!
After run on balcony of room
Today is checkout, sun out, work a full day, and enjoy my favorite thing about San Diego so far (besides finding Pinkberry -more on that in next post!) FISH TACOS!!
I am going to go back to sun and work - have a lovely day - and Part 2 of San Diego is to come, so stay tuned!

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