Monday, June 6, 2011

Pizza Pizza

Workout: 3.8 miles in 29:40, 200 crunches, 50 push-ups, a few arm moves from my Bosu Ball arm and core workouts 
So I love pizza, but I don't eat it too much...but when I do eat pizza - I eat a whole lot of it! In fact, I just had my third meal involving pizza for dinner tonight :)

Also, I am convinced the marketing department reads this blog, because after I wrote this little tidbit on Friday, they had an entire fishbowl (no fish in it, no worries) filled to the brim with these gems...

This weekend was amazing - great weather, two fantastic events, date day AND date night with Tripp yesterday - I was one lucky gal!

I will write more on the events tomorrow, when the pics get uploaded, but for is a little recap on the I mentioned, the weather was gorgeous, so on my way home from my trip, I called up Tripp and asked if he would join me for a picnic when I got home...
The scene of the date - Carson Beach, South Boston
 We decided to hit up the new gourmet food store in Southie, American Provisions.  What a fabulous idea it was, as they not only have drool worthy components to any phenomenal gourmet meal, fresh & local is an even bigger plus - but their sandwiches are amazing and the owner and workers are beyond friendly and helpful
Enjoying a yummy grilled cheese and prosciutto 
 They are a specialty food store, in an uncharacteristic neighborhood, with great food and young and fun owners - if you live in the area, you MUST check it out!! It can be a little pricey, but the goods are worth it!  If you don't believe me, take a look at this beauty and check out some specs on the place here.
I did something a little uncharacteristic and got The Italian (hot peppers, mortadella, salami, prosciutto, provolone, pickles, tomato, italian dressing and romaine) - and dominated the whole thing, hots and all!
After our scrumptious lunch picnic at the beach, we laid in the sun for a little before heading home to unwind and finish some weekend laundry, packing for Tripp and SOWA open market for me and the roomie. Think food trucks, local artists, farmers market, and fro-yo :)

A little tired and lazy to cook, Tripp and I decided on date night for dinner, and went to hit up a new place (well kind of new) at the Boston seaport, Sams at Louie Seaport, but after an unfortunate shoe incidence (I am still a little bitter about it - brand new cork wedges broke) we had to go back home, pick up some flip flops and rush back to catch the sunset over the city...only to find out Sams was closed for a private event...bummer :(

What is a couple to do, on a gorgeous date night? Check out another new restaurant at the Seaport for some local seafood, Legal Harborside (we love LTK across the street, so we thought we would try out the sister restaurant for a change).

It was such a great choice! We sat at the raw bar because there was a bit of a wait, and the man was hungry and crabby - we got two seats right in front of the wood fire oven and could watch the chef prep/make the pizzas.  The service was a little slow, but the place was packed, so it was to be expected...
Kind of poor pic - but that is our pizza puffing up in the wood fire oven!! So cool :)

Even had a little of this gem leftover for lunch today!
The food was A-Mazing though! Tripp got the famous clam chowder, I got the curried pineapple mussels, and we split a smoked salmon and capers pizza.
These mussels were so flavorful and yummy, I housed the whole bowl!!
I also enjoyed a nice little glass of Chenin Blanc, while Tripp chose a Sam Summer and the waiter was so nice  - all in all, a successful, great date night!
Now like I said, once I have pizza, I have pizza! I enjoyed leftovers of the salmon and caper pizza for lunch and then in a need to fulfill a LivingSocial coupon for The Upper Crust, as well as a riveting game of ice hockey slated for the evening - I enjoyed a nice little girls' night with roomie Jenna and Allison :)
Upper Crust pizza is my absolute favorite in the Boston area - they have so many delicious flavors and even have whole wheat crust (which I absent-mindedly forgot to order tonight)

We enjoyed their Gioseppi (roasted summer squash, eggplant, zuchhini, tomatoes, fresh mozz) topped with some grilled chicken for a little extra protein kick :)

Jenna whipped up this yummy spinach salad (with carrots, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, cukes, corn and wasabi peas)

The Bruins kicking butt and taking names!
So I am going to watch these superstars closed out the Canuks (finally - only took them til the 3rd game of the series to show up! - it is already 5-0!) 

Do you like pizza? What if your favorite kind

It isn't my first choice for dinner, but it is really enjoyable once in a while - I love homemade with fig and caramelized onions, but this one from Upper Crust is pretty fantastic!

What is your favorite Sandwich meat?

I really love all Boars Head turkeys (salsalito, maple, cracked pepper...), but I can definitely enjoy a good prosciutto and salami mix sometimes...

Do you like ice hockey? 

I enjoy it because it reminds me of field hockey, but playoff hockey can't be beat!!


  1. I love pizza, it's so good. But I don't have it very often at all, either. My favorite would be cheese with all the veggies loaded on top!

  2. ahhhhhhh!!! Pizza is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! so good. I am the same way and could eat a TON of it at once just because I love it so much--any kind! :) Your pics of the food look delicious! glad you had such a good weekend :)


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