Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away...frostbite and love

OK so I didn't get frostbite, but I am pretty sure that was the next step for these little fingers of mine...
warming up by the heat of my car heater :)
This weekend was another regatta, but one that I didn't get to sit on the sidelines, hanging out with the girls in our bathing suits, soaking up sun and getting in some trashy magazines quality educational reading...

This weekend I was part of the race committee and my beloved was the wonderful race chairman :)  That's right, no racing for Tripper this weekend - one weekend where the wind was impressively blowing furociously - he was a little sad, but I think having Emma and I on the committee boat perked him up a little :)
My fearless team on the committee boat...Tripp, French Mark (a very nice French man that joined us, couldnt really speak english, but very pleasant and helpful to have around), and beautiful Emma
The weather forecast wasn't too special for spectators, but it didn't show too bad weather to hit until Sunday...but on the drive to the beach Saturday, this scene daunted me...
So overcast and dark, it was a little ominous to be driving towards
We got to the beach and everyone slowly pittered in, set up their boats, and registered for the weekend's festivities.  Right on schedule (plus another hour) the boats were leaving the beach, the committee boat was waiting for us and we were building up courage to jump in...
Our fine vehicle for the weekend, don't let the one blip of sun and Tripp in shorts and T fool you...Tripp: "Just walk up to it and jump in" Me: "Heck no I am not walking through the water, are you crazy, it's freezing out!" Tripp: "Just suck it up and jump in the boat, the water is warmer than the air" Me: "No way! Come get me!" Tripp - knight in shining armor - "fine..." picks me up over his shoulder and brings me out the boat - true love :)
Working up to getting on the boat...I have no idea how Emma made it through the day in shorts - what a trooper!!
Once we were all settled on our new ride - off to the start we went...followed by an impressive showing of 16 F-18 Catamarans!
Chris and Sam getting out on the water
We blew the foghorn, did some fancy flag waving, and they were off!

The fleet got 4 fast, and efficient match races in, before I couldn't fake this "I am having a good time Tripp, I really am" smile, and the rain started pouring down for the 500 millionth fifth time of the day.
Look at those wide eyes, they are the eyes of someone having a REALLY good time :) I am harsh, but it was very educational to learn about the starts and strategies out on the water first hand
The night ended with no showers (they locked the bathrooms after charging us $12 to park there and use the  bathrooms! Really?!), headed down the road to a sailor's house, ordered some pizza and then called it a night (well Tripp and I did - the rest of the fleet got after it in Newport, and were quite the bunch this morning!).

This is where love fits in...Tripp was a HUGE trooper for me yesterday! He took me special to get a salad to eat for dinner, because I am a crabby pants when I am hungry and I was in need of some greens in my tummy - it ended up being a 35 minute detour for an $11 greek salad from a townie pizza shop - he smiled the whole time, and kept smiling through my complaining of paying too much for a pizza shop salad and them taking so long to make it, and then to top it off, leaving the dressing out!!! He loves me, I know it - because I would have kicked myself out of the car, and he kept on rolling :) He also let me stay in the car today when the weather was (unbelievable I know) worse than yesterday!
How I feel about being bundled up and the weather being so crappy and me wasting gas sitting in the running car for warmth...
So I am sitting in the car, on my third unintended rest day (no gym/crappy weather/no shower or towel to get dry and warm after) blogging on a wireless card and "watching the regatta" - take a look at my sweet front row view
I am going to sign off now and head home early, so I can get some of our pile of laundry the size of Mt. Kilimanjaro widdled down and make room for the next load of salty, soggy, sailing clothes...maybe I will even bake something something for Tripper to take for his LAST WEEK, that's right, one more week in Seattle, WA. Bittersweet though, because I lose him for 2 full weeks (don't even get weekends) for a sailing trip to the Netherlands...tough love!
Do you like the rain?

When it is happening during work hours, let it flow - I know it is good for the grass and plants and crops, but seriously - on a beach weekend?! No way!

Do you get crabby when you are hungry?

I am horrible, so is Tripp, so don't catch us right before a late dinner - it isn't a pretty site!!

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