Friday, June 24, 2011

Riding Solo: the running debate of late

So I just went through a classic running debate with myself lately, and was inspired by Julia's post on Running Solo or Socially to re-evaluate my running partner situation.
First ever Relay Team, Redeye Running finishing the Cape Relay 2010
I have always been one to run on my own, and probably my own fault, as I don't try as hard as I could to coordinate runs or follow through with conversations with others to set up running dates.  However, a couple of months ago, as you might have seen, I joined the LUNA Chix Boston Run team and now have a consistent group of awesome ladies to run with on my calendar at least once a week.  I also have found enjoyment in running with a few friends that I hadn't normally run with regularly before, but am still running solo most days out of the week.  I like this though, because I can focus my energy on the workout at hand (as I am really chatty when I have a buddy to run with and don't necessarily push as hard) and blow off some steam from the day.
No-one to jump through puddles and run 7 miles in a downpour with :/
Running solo does however have some major drawbacks, such to motivate you to get out of bed in the morning to get in your scheduled running workout, no-one to answer the questions and listen when you are talking incessantly to yourself, no-one to push you that last mile or two that makes you want to stop and walk.
No fun walking it in alone...
This morning, thanks to Kristina (a new LuluLemon ambassador and friend I met through my first relay last year), I started running with a new running group (nothing official and ends at the end of July, sigh...but more on that later) and it was such a fantastic motivation, great conversations, and a nice new trail to run on! Bonus points for being close to work and gym (people in the office look at me funny when I don't shower after running and avoid my cube area all together).  I loved all 5.1 miles of this and it made me realize, I really like running with people, it is so much more fun than running alone and suffering through those last few steps to stretch and re-collect myself on my own!
Just a few of the Luna ladies
So, after having this realization, I had a quick panic, as I had just signed myself up for a 10K on Sunday, for the first time ALONE! Good news is, I recruited a few good Samaritans to help out a lonely solo racer, and I should have a couple familiar faces at the start line...phew! (BTW - if you are running the BAA 10K this Sunday, let me know, I would love to meet up with everyone I can!).

BTW, it is also more motivation to look hot when running with others, so if you haven't already, you definitely go check out Janea's workout gear Giveaway and try to win me  you some new running capris!!

Do you like to run solo or partnered up?

I am liking running with people lately, and I think even more when those long runs kick in on the marathon plan!

Have you tried out any local running groups or teams?

I joined the LUNA chix this year, and now I am going to try to get to this Friday morning trail run, even if it is only through July...sigh - the groups give you a sense of anxiousness of who is going to be there, as well as great motivation to not let down the others counting on  you to show up!

Do you try harder to look even slightly put together when running with others?

I try to leave the smelly or stained shirts at home, but I honestly rotate my bottoms so much (I really need to win Janea's giveaway :) ) that I kind of just base a shirt off what fits well (as in literal fit, not stylish fit) with those bottoms.

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  1. LOVE this post...thanks for the shoutout! i really am more motivated when I run with friends but I am always nervous at first to run with new friends. What if they are faster? Or feel held back by me? Or what if we have nothing to talk about? I always have this dumb anxiety...then I get there and time flies doesnt even feel like we were running most of the time! LOVE THAT! good luck at the 10k this weekend!!


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