Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Lovin', active bands and sunnies!

Workout (Yesterday): 4.35 mile run (32:20) and 0.40 mile walk (home from CVS as run cool down)
So Happy First Day of Summer (officially at 1:16 PM)!! If you must know, summer is my favorite favorite favorite (I could keep saying it, but I won't bore you) time of year! The weather is warm and sunny most days of the season, beaches occupy most of my weekends (thank you Tripp for being such an avid sailor), vodka lemonades, sangria and margs are staples on a hot day, not treats (in moderation and with lots of H2O), and I am happier than ever thanks to overdoses of Vitamin D :)

Another thing I love about summer? The light and refreshing eats that come with the season, and that I crave!
I also get to grill outside every night possible (dream house will have an indoor and outdoor grill, please and thank you) - such as last night's entirely grill cooked dinner:
Grilled seasoned aspargus, grilled soy/ginger/garlic tofu, grilled sweet potato fries
Additionally, lunches are not so bland with fresh, local produce filled summer salads!!
spinach w/ carrots, red pear, sugar snap peas, cukes, seeds & raisins, red pepper and scallion - topped with grilled tofu and smoked salmon :) Also some yummy bing cherries (love these!) for dessert
Some other things I am lovin' this summer so far are some new treats that crossed my path today!!

My first attempt at OOIAJ (overnight oats in a jar) which I adopted from Tina's recipe over at Carrots N Cake! They are a great way to still have oatmeal in the morning, but keeping it cool :)
oats, ezekial cinn raisin whole sprouted cereal, flax, cinnamon, ginger powder, all spice, more raisins, vanilla almond milk all in a natural pb jar with fresh banana, blueberry and strawberries on top!
I really didn't enjoy them....
Totally J/K - these made my morning drive to work and it was so nice to just open the jar, pop in some fresh fruit and run out the door!

I also received both of these awesome summer running accessories in the mail!!
My new Active Band! Love it already ran in it last night!
LOVING the Active Band - this thing actually stays put! I was tentative to buy it, because headbands and I don't have a good track record (buy, falls off, forget about it, buy...vicious cycle) I love it, and it beats always wearing a hat to keep the whispies out of the eyes! It also seems like it would be super cute for work or play.  I am really happy with this purchase and hope I get to grow my collection a little more soon!
Smith Optics Parallel - already wore them around the office, fit like a glove and can't wait to try them out on the roads and write up a review!!
Happy Summer everyone - go out and enjoy the sunshine if you are in Boston area!!

P.S.  Is anyone planning on running the B.A.A 10K this Sunday (June 26th)? I want to sign up, but I am running alone and would LOVE some support!!
What is your favorite (or least favorite) thing about summer?

I honestly have too many to list, in short: beach, sun, good food and drinks, lots of friends time, longer days and warmer nights!

Are you running the B.A.A 10K this Sunday? Do you want to run with me?!

I am planning on running - but right now I am riding S-O-L-O

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  1. yay yay yayyyyyy! so glad you ordered an Active Band and LOVE it! woo hoo! best company ever! and that food looks delish! i gotta make ooiaj soon!!!!


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