Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunny Days, Good sites and Space Soda Machines

Time on the clock: 6:19 AM EST - place of blogging: Atlanta Airport - almost home...almost...

Wow, so my last post was a hot mess, in close resemblance to my final two days in sunny San Diego.  I had made fun of my own self in the last post and commented on writing a post about Monday, which was in fact Tuesday - I don't expect you to follow the ramble, it has been a long week (conference burn out anyone?) and it isn't done yet!
Our booth at the IRCE 2011 conference

When I left off last, I was lounging working at the pool and the scene looked a little something like this:
hydration, sunnies, hat, laptop, and no clothes (just the suit)
And at the prompt hour of quitting time I enjoyed one of these:
first and only sangria in San Diego!
After a very long 4 hours in the sun, I was surprising very productive with work, put out a blog post, and got a killer sun burn in the was time for this ripe tomato to move on from the Marriott and locate LoLo, my friend from home that I was staying with for the night before heading to the airport.
So long pretty Marriott (and pretty gym lockerroom)
I was pretty excited to go meet up with LoLo, especially after our catch up the other night at Enoteca Cucina.   Another reason I was psyched to meet up was that her and I had a date with some kayaks and some caves (OK so we didn't go into the caves, but we did get really close - no renters allowed inside).  I didn't get any pics because I didn't want to get the camera wet, but lets say - we made it out into the waves and had a bit of a struggle getting back to the beach (I was a beached mini whale :) ).  After an invigorating kayaking adventure, we headed up the cliffs to a nice little place called, Crab Catcher, to catch some happy hour specials (why o why Massachusetts do we not have these?!).

About 3 hours later, all hell came crashing down - I tried to get all dolled up to head to Pacific Beach for some bar fun and to meet LoLo's friends, even though I wasn't feeling super hot (sick, not looks).  A half hour or so into arriving at the first bar, I got so sick I had to be brought back home - I believe I caught a little bit of food poisoning or sun poisoning while enjoying my fish tacos at the Marriott pool earlier in the day.  It was a horrific feeling, that I never never want to experience again!

By Saturday morning I was feeling much better, got some sleep, and even a little appetite back - so we set off back to downtown (Gaslamp) and hit up an A-Mazing breakfast joint by the name of The Mission.
The wait wasn't bad outside, but the wait got to us while we waiting for the food to be ready.  Even though we were a little aggravated that it took so long...I believe these two dishes were well worth the wait!
My massive mouthful of Rosemary deliciousness! Rosemary bread, rosemary potatoes with tomato and scallion, with scrambled eggs and soy chorizo on top!!
LoLo got the soy chorizo plate, with rosemary potatoes, wheat tortillas, black beans, salsa, grilled jalapenos and chipolte crema on the side...heaven!
 Thoroughly re-fueled, we headed back to Mission Valley and hit up a quick gym session and fro-yo run, and even caught site of this...
Yes this is what you think it is...a drive up taco stand :)
 I explored the Mission valley mall - great outdoor mall with a Nordstrom Rack, Macy's and Target - I was pleased :) well until I saw this...

Not only is that a mechanical bull in the middle of a shopping mall, not only is that a small child being flung off the mechanical bull in the middle of a shopping mall, but that is a father video taping his small child being flung off the mechanical bull in the middle of a shopping mall....REALLY?!
It's a good thing Fro-Yo makes everything better, trust me...
After a thoroughly exhausting day - we packed up the car and headed back downtown to Little Italy to load me up with some food and then load me up on a plane to ATL.
When I got to the airport and safely through security, I was busy putting on my shoes and adjusting my laptop, when I passed a Starbuck's and saw the most re-assuring site - at least to me :)
Completely full of pilots and co-pilots - Good Sites - they are doing their part to stay awake for safety's sake :)
Now that I have hit post overload, I am just going to leave you with one more last picture before I really have to board my plane to Hartford and get lost in my book (not Boston just yet...need to stop into Western Mass and visit the fam...cousin is picking me up, it's Father's Day (Happy Dad's Day Dad) and Grammy's bday was yesterday - Happy BDay Grammy!)

I give you space soda :)
The machine that I received my ice cold water from outside our arriving gate...this is amazing - touch screen, serve yourself, pick your poison and enjoy!!! Love it!
Have you ever had food poisoning?

Once before in London - not fun and it always seems to happen on vaca!!!

Have you ever seen that amazing machine before?!

NEVER and I am so psyched for some reason that I found it - it is like a shiny new toy...until my ADHD kicks in and I find another space worthy gadget :)

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  1. all your food looks amazing and I am so jealous of your pool time!! that machine is fascinating...I hope I see one of those sometime! haha! Have a wonderful Sunday!


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