Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thirsty Thursday...Hydration Happy Hour

Yesterday Workout: Happy National Running Day! 7-mile run to Charles River and back home - 58:24...felt slow and sluggish - could have been the heat, or I might not have had enough water the day before
Water people...water....I have not been getting enough of it this week, and boy can my body feel it! The humidity is rising, the pollen around the city is circulating, and my fitness is hurting hard core!  This makes me think back to Julia's post about focusing on Hydration - and I realized I need to re-evaluate my hydration practice and get on a more efficient plan of hydrating.

With all the discussions on pre/post workout hydration and evaluating sweat rate and salt loss to determine optimum body hydration and whether or not my pee is dark or pale head is spinning - what I know is that my body lets me know when I should have fueled with more water and really feels the wrath of dehydration (even a small amount).

Just got one of these Fuel Belts to train for my marathon in this summer heat!
After reading up on the subject quite a bit lately, I have a few key takeaways on hydrating FOR YOU (because just like diet and exercise, every body is different, needs slightly different things, and reacts different).  This is also just for day to day hydration - not just for racing or long runs/rides.
  • Determining sweat rate, helps to determine how much water you need to be intaking during a workout to keep optimum performance.  This will also help you to evaluate how much water you need to take with you, or how many water stops you need to plan for on your route.
  • Cold water is absorbed quicker into body than warm water, and cools your body down a little (which is key in the summer heat!)
  • Always follow a workout with water and/or a sports drink (if you lose a lot of salt in your sweat - think salty/textured skin - you need the electrolytes back from the sports drink
    • Aim for 20-24 fl. oz. for each lb. lost
  • My favorite: If your pee is dark yellow, keep drinking that H2O - you want it to be a light/pale yellow
These are just a few key points of hydrating for optimizing performance, but a lot of great insights and sports drink product reviews can be found at here and here - what's so cool is that they have entire section dedicated to hydration, so check em out!
Keeping hydrated at work...
I know I have devised a plan to make sure I am taking in enough agua:

8 oz. when I wake up
16 oz. on way to work and morning at work
8 oz. with morning snack
16 oz. 
8 oz. with lunch
16 oz. 
8 oz. with afternoon snack
16 oz. 
8 oz. with dinner
bring pint of water to bed with me to sip before bed and if I wake up during the night parched....

I know that looks like A LOT of water, 104 + fl. oz. to be exact, but did you know an athlete (runner, cyclist, swimmer - yes swimmers sweat and lose water, fitness instructor, etc...) should be getting around 96 fl. oz. of the wet stuff a day?! 

So I am going to continue to sip on my Liter water bottle (which makes this water schedule SOO much easier) and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day - on a side family and I survived the Massachusetts "Deadly Storm" last night, and Tripp lucked out, because he was in Seattle...again...but there is lots of destruction in Western and Central Mass - so please pray for everyone involved/affected!

Do you get enough water for your lifestyle/body? 

I try, but I could definitely do a lot better - cue hydration schedule :)

Does your body let you know when it hasn't had enough? Shortness of breath, over-exhaustion, heavy legs, etc..?

Oh yeah!! I get so tired and sluggish during my activities and I have a lot of trouble breathing through it

Have you ever seen/experienced a Tornado?!

No, but my friends and family back home just went through one hellish afternoon yesterday, as several tornados touched down in Springfield, MA!

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