Friday, June 3, 2011

TRX - Enough Said!

Workout: 4 miles in 30:50, TRX strength session: 1 hour
Last night I took a little detour from my typical workout after work routine (routine breaking: baby steps!) and I went to the mall instead :) I had to pick up something at Macy's and I thought, why not treat myself to some fun, cheap clothes from Forever 21 and Express?! I got a couple cute shirts (I am in love with the boxy look in T's and sweaters this summer) and called it a day night - I rushed home to meet Tripp (who came home a night early to see me avoid the red eye) and make us dinner...
Pasta Primavera: Whole Wheat Pasta, shrimp, roasted veggies (eggplant, carrots, summer squash, red pepper, rosemary, salt and pepper, balsamic and olive oil)

A little treat, don't let the label fool you - this wasn't half bad and it was only $7.99!!
I woke up this morning ready to get moving, which is good - because I am going away for the weekend and won't have another chance to be active (unless you call pint glasses free weights, and each sip a bicep curl) for a couple of days.  The sun was shining, it was 55 degrees, and if it weren't for 15 mph winds, it would have been a perfect morning.  Ok, who am I kidding - the wind didn't feel as bad as 15 mph looks, and I felt really good - which was even more of motivator because my legs have felt like dumbbells for the last two weeks ( I back to sub-8 splits, which makes me feel more confident about starting my marathon training in 2 weeks!!)

I then decided that it would be a good day to try the complimentary intro to TRX session they kept pestering me raving about during lunch break - so I mosied on over to the BSC Lexington, completely unassuming, until...those straps, the apparatus, the lunges, the curls....OMG! You know those workouts, when your muscles are burning so much, you just know it is going to be a long next two days? My sole motivator is that I need to get these arms dress/bathing suit worthy fast! 

TRX is supposed to be a phenomenal total body strength experience - with some of the fastest and genuine muscle toning results out there now.  I have only had one session, so I can't confirm nor deny this claim, but the way my body is feeling now, I can see how people might say that.  The only thing I think I needed to concentrate more on, was keeping my abs engaged more and relaxing my shoulders (felt a little hunched), other than that, I would definitely give it another try - beats fighting for the 8 lb. free weights and bosu ball each gym sesh...
If you belong to a gym, I would recommend talking to a trainer about trying out a session, it is definitely something you want to do with a little knowledgeable supervision the first time.  I was happy to have the coach there to tuck me in, push me back, and position my straps....If you don't belong to a gym, I feel like a lot of the upper body moves could be done with an exercise band and ball.  Check out some interesting specs and workouts here, here, and over here

This is also Friday, which means weekend, which means relaxation and fun, friends and family, good times...Enjoy yours, I know I will be enjoying mine :)
On a side note...when is the last time you had one of these?! I found this in my desk and got so excited I almost choked on it...ok maybe I did just a little....(don't have to tell me how bad I need a manicure
Have you ever tried TRX training?

Today was my first formal class, but I have encountered the daunting dangling straps during a 90 minute boot camp I used to do.

Have any good plans for this weekend? 

Weather in and around Mass looks pretty good, despite I truly horrific week, and I am going to soak in the sun and time with friends!

What was your favorite childhood candy?!

One of mine was definitely these flavored mini tootsies! Oh and I liked Sprees a lot...don't see them around much these days


  1. Ohhh! I keep hearing about TRX...I think it is awesome that you tried it. Maybe I will give it a shot at my gym this summer :)

    No great plans. Mostly finishing up the last bit of school work for the year and cleaning before my fam comes to visit next week :)

    Love that you found that tootsie roll! Finding candy in my desk at work is always the BEST surprise!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. I would love to try TRX some time--haven't seen it around me at all yet. When I lived in HK it was a trainer had it set up in a local park a lot for his clients, it looked tough!
    That's so funny---I HATE normal chocolate tootsie rolls, but the vanilla ones are the best. I used to trade for them after trick or treating!


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