Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap: Valentine's ideas, new mode of recycling and discounts at Lululemon?!

So this weekend seemed really really long, but I am pretty excited about that, because I was having an incredible time the whole while!

Friday I celebrated the end of the workweek and an surprisingly awesome 6:30 AM run with a little movie date with the lovely Emma, her bf and her roomie...we enjoyed some white wine, homemade cheesecake (her roommate is a genius in the kitchen), Toy Story 3 and a little chocolate lovin!
So this would be the perfect snack/dessert/awesomeness at any time, but if you jazz it up like I took the liberty of doing for all my viewers, it makes a fantastic date night or Valentine's Day treat! Stacy's cinnamon pita chips warmed in oven and topped with strawberries (leftover from dessert Thursday night) and melted chocolate pieces and some whipped cream to boot!
I also spent Friday night praying that my sneakers would be runnable for the 10k I had on the books for Sunday morning...but after all of the rain we have been having (remember the drenching they received Wednesday?) they were a scary state of soggy....
Yes, another great way to recycle your old mags and newspapers is stuffing your soaking wet sneaks with their pages and letting them do their absorbing magic to dry out your shoes!
After a fantastic movie night with and treats, I got in bed scary early for a Friday night, resting up for my early AM hair appointment and day on the town with roomie Jenna.

Saturday started with a hair appt (nothing too spectacular to show) and then I rushed home to finish my laundry and meet up with roomie Jenna so we could check out the "Let's Talk About Food" festival, that was being put on for the first time by Whole Foods and the Museum of Science.  The weather wasn't bright and sunny, but the rain did let up for the event and we had a really fantastic time! There were a ton of local farmers, and suppliers of local produce and goods signings with local good food and nutrition authors...luncheon tables that were themed around different health/food topics with experts to discuss any questions attendees might have (we sat at the "Let's talk about Seafood" table, because I have a slight seafood obsession, that Jenna knows so well). Here are some photographic highlights of the event!
 There were also food trucks galore, with way too many lunch choices to go through, but Jenna and I narrowed it down to BBQ and a brand new truck to Boston, The Dining Car...we split a pork and roumalade sandwich and a pulled chicken sandwich....both were great pics!
Each table had a different planted herb centerpiece, super cute and thoughtful!
We were at the event for a couple of hours and then headed back home to get ready for the evening...Jenna was going to Dispatch and I was going to bed :)  With my last minute10k in the morning, I wanted to get in a good pre-race pasta meal (one of my pre-race staples), put out my outfit for the morning and get into bed early.

Sunday was unbelievably productive and packed for me! I woke up at the ripe time of 5:20 AM and began getting ready for the race (full recap in next post!) and headed to the race start.  It was a really humid day and there weren't as many people as I would have expected, but I got my bib and T-Shirt, met up with some friends, and ran a pretty great race!
Good news is...I finished :)
Right after crossing the finish line, I re-fueled on gatorade and bananas and I rushed back to the T to meet up with Jenna for Day 2 of Boston fun! We started out with some pilated on the greenway in the North End.  It was a celebration of teacher Jennifer Phelan's one-yr teaching anniversary, so it was a complimentary 45 minute pilates class complete with giveaways (no I didn't win).  It was a really fantastic experience to be outside with almost 100 other people practicing pilates...she is a great teacher, the weather was perfect and it was a good stretch after my race!
Wow my arms need some toning...what am I doing with all my strength training? Yes I did do an impressive outfit change on my yoga mat in that group of people...talent people, talent (btw - notice the new shades and active em...oh yeah!)
Jenna and I took a pit stop at home to wash the salt off of my face (two workouts in 2 hours in the get the picture) and then it was back out on the town! We stopped by Lululemon for an athlete's playground, really!  She needed to pick up some crops she had altered and in the meantime she convinced me to "reward" myself (I may or may not have accomplished something during the race...stay tuned) with a new running outfit....I usually avoid this store, because my wallet refuses to pay the prices, but today I splurged...and to make it a little easier on my wallet, Jenna told me about a really cool program Lulu is hosting, in order to get quality feedback on their running line they are actively promoting.  The program is called R2D, and it is available for any qualified Lulu shopper that is buying an item from the "Run" collection and is currently signed up to run a race 10K or longer.  What do you get for signing up for such a promotion?! 15% EVERY item with "Run" in the name!! I just had to show a confirmation of my race (I showed them the Amica Newport marathon confirmation, just to secure my level of commitment) and now I wear the clothes and give feedback via their website on how I feel when running in the clothes and race in them...easy as 1, 2, 3, run!

Today is back to the Monday morning grind...nothing exciting to see there folks...
Did you have an active weekend? Are you feeling it today?

I had a very productive and active weekend and I am a bit tired and sore today! But it feels good to know I got some healthy and fun activities in!

Do you have any good ideas for toning upper body? 
(my arms are strugging in the toning/definition dept!!)

How do you dry out your running shoes when they have been through puddles, waterfalls and beyond?!

I was told during field hockey, to shove newspaper pages in the shoes to absorb the moisture...I must admit, it works wonders...but keep in mind the level of soaked the shoes are...if they are like mine and pouring water out when flipped upside down, allow for at least two days (and make sure to re-plenish fresh pages once or twice a day).

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  1. wow!! such a busy and fun-filled weekend! love that! can't wait to hear more about the race!!!!!

    for arms I have stolen all of my lifts from Jackie Warner's Circuit training. I do not do the video much any more but I try to apply the same principles and lifts from the video at the gym! SO awesome about the clothes! and SO jealous :)


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