Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend, Take 2

I hope you enjoyed my first week marathon training plan earlier and I know you were all waiting in suspense for the rest of my holiday weekend recap, so here you go (sorry but you will have to wait another day for the Clambake post)

After a fabulous clambake in CT Saturday, we headed to RI to embark on our next journey, a day cruise on the good ship, Persistence (yes, the same fine yacht we spent a weekend on for Figawi a few weeks ago).  We sailed a few hours to Bristol, where we had a shared mooring waiting for us and what was promised to be an impressive fireworks display (did you know Bristol, RI is one of the oldest fourth of July celebrations - they even paint the main road middle line red/white/blue instead of yellow!).

We were once again honored with the fabulous navigation of our good skipper Sam
We enjoyed some pretty delicious snacks...
carrots, grapes, kashi crackers, brie, french bread and some cheddar yum!

balsamic chicken spinach salad on potato roll (love potato bread!)
After stuffing our faces, having a few boat drinks, and watching the most amazing fireworks - seriously, they did not disappoint - they went off right over our heads and it was like we had front row seats for the full 30 minute+ show - we hit the hay, and headed back to town in the AM.

Monday morning we had to motor in the last bit, because the breeze shut off - but we made it back to the car in time to get back to Boston and set up for the BBQ roomie Jenna and I wanted to put on.  All went smoothly on the ride back, but I had a vicious case of sea know, when you feel like the room is moving, or that you are swaying, but neither you nor the room or moving?! Well anyways...Plan was, get in run (first day of marathon training!), get to grocery store, set up BBQ, eat & drink, then head to Esplanade for the big fireworks show (yes I know, 3 shows in 1 weekend!).
smoked blue fish toasts, guacamole, corn, watermelon mint salad, grilled meat heaven,
 tossed salad and a beautiful Jenna - perfect BBQ :)
Run, happened...Grocery store, happened...BBQ, happened....Nap on couch - wait what, not in plan!! Yes, everyone at BBQ were exhausted from the crazy weekend and went home, and Tripp and I both fell asleep on the couch shortly after.  Long story short...another year I missed seeing the Boston fireworks, and the first year I was actually in Boston! Not a happy camper :( Tripp knew how upset I was that I was missing the show and tried to cheer me up by calling me a winner...and he was right - we accomplished everything, plus some, that we wanted to do this weekend and we didn't stop was what we needed, not another late, loud night (and we also had seen two awesome fireworks shows already) in fact, we did win - score! Oh, and I created a delicious summer treat - the Tangy Watermelon Cooler
Watermelon, lemon & mint simple syrup (from the watermelon salad), vodka and  fresh mint - simple as that!
I decided to keep the Fourth of July spirit going with my breakfast the last couple of berries, blue berries, and white bananas & yogurt (yogurt and cereal are under that fresh fruit and pb mass, I promise!)...oh yeah!
How did you spend your Fourth (or Canada Day weekend!)?

Have you ever experienced Sea Legs?

Every time I am on a boat for more than a couple of hours, I have sea legs for a day or two is really frustrating, but a little comical - I ask Tripp about 10 million times if the room is moving...I  refuse to believe it's me...

What are you favorite breakfast yogurt toppings?!

I like bananas, strawberries, blueberries, some mango, w/e cereal/granola in the house and pb...


  1. Yummy food!! It sounds like you had a great weekend! Sorry you missed the Boston fireworks, though!

  2. Yes, your very own Yacht Rock :)
    Love it, cute photos.


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