Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Half Marathon Dilemma - I need your help!

The more I read about keeping a consistent and "fresh" marathon training plan, the more I hear that you should try to incorporate races into your long run days (i.e. when you should be running 13 - 14 miles, add in a half marathon with a warm up).  I have also heard that it is also good to run races periodically throughout training, so that you can gauge your speed work, endurance and recovery work.

As I am running the Amica Newport Marathon with Emma in October, we have been looking at a few localish (2 hours and under away) half marathons and have narrowed it down to 2, but with my inability to make decisions, I am asking for your help!!
I have jotted down the specs on the two I am looking at doing:

  • Sunday August 14, 7:30 AM (2 hours 11 minutes away) 
  • USRA Half Marathon
  • Inaugural year - First one ever!
  • A biggish hill at mile 7.2 - 8.6 (then downhill and another slight uphill)
  • Course is a Loop
  • Expo on Saturday - but we would need a place to stay
  • $65 - $70 on 8/7/11
  • 1st year - so I am not sure how many people will be there
  • outlets near by

YUKAN RUN Half - Cape Ann/Rockport, MA
  • Sunday, August 14, 8:00 AM (about an hour away)
  • Part of an annual racing series (#6 out of 9 for the year - they also host a 20-miler I was thinking of entering in September)
  • USATF sanctioned race
  • $45 registration fee before 8/1/11 - $50 after that date
  • Course is an out and back
  • only 86 people signed up for the 10k
  • close to home
  • based on the fact i cant find results from last year, I am thinking this might be inaugural too (but I feel like it would say it on the site)

I am leaning towards the YUKAN out of shear proximity - and because I signed up for an active.com membership, the prices are about the same ($45 range)...I feel like the Freeport might be cool because it is the first one they are hosting and the outlets are close :)

Let's hear your votes!

How do you decide on which races to sign up for? Do you have certain criteria, or do you just wing it?

Do you agree that you should incorporate races into your training schedule to keep things interesting and test your speed/endurance work?


  1. I think incorporating races into training is a great idea! Hmm, I vote YUKAN!

  2. hmmm this a tough decision. out and backs are not my favorite but the Yukan seems more practical! that is so cool that they have a 20 miler too!


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