Saturday, July 16, 2011

It can only go up from here!

Don't forget to sign up for Exhale's Cardio Core Fusion before tomorrow's class!! Free class courtesy of the Boston Run Luna Chix Team!!
Today I ran the longest consecutive mileage I have ever run in my life...I made it through 14 miles, 14.01 to be exact :) I am pretty happy, not gonna lie...

 It is the start of a beautiful thing, the miles for my long runs can only go up and up (well until I hit the 22 mile day, and then the 26.2 mile day of course).  I can tell you right now though, I do not foresee any ultras in my lifetime...I was pretty pumped to get to that 14th mile and pretty excited to get that big glass of ice water at the end of it and to be done!  I will talk more about how I felt and things that went well and things that didn't go so well in tomorrow's weekly recap post - but let's just say I am VERY happy that I got this run in today, and to the full mileage (remember my little piriformis issue from Wednesday?)

I am going to make this a short one (I know, you are probably jumping for joy) but I just need to tell you a couple of revelations from the past two days....

1.) My sister is SICK at field hockey, and I am so proud of her! I got the opportunity to see her play yesterday afternoon AND this morning and I am so glad I did - she is really doing amazing at the sport (a chip off the old block if you ask me...j/k!)

2.) Free movies in the park are so much fun - but make sure to bring your own picnic dinner and a lawn chair! Tripp and I joined a few of our friends to go see MegaMind at the Hatshell in Boston (same place the Boston Pops and Martina McBride were playing the night of the fireworks, that I missed)....we got a really quick bite to eat before the movie, but when we showed up, we noticed all the cool kids brought their own meals and snacks to enjoy on the grass while watching the outdoor movie, which did I mention was free?!  I guess Boston has these most Friday nights in the summer, and they are really an awesome outing if you have any like it in your city (or if you are in Beantown like me :) ). We will be back!

Such a funny movie - definitely recommend it!! Source
 3.) Yes, Vanessa, I do have salty sweat (I just wrote sweaty salt, which would just be wrong) and here if a picture to show you how much of that salty sweat I experienced during and post my 14 miler....enjoy :)
I am off to a Jack n Jill on this beatuful Saturday afternoon for two incredible people!! Congratulations Bridget and Greg - so happy for you guys and your new journey you are embarking on!
Are you a salty sweater? How do you replenish if so?

Does your town/city offer cool things like movies or plays in the park?

Boston offers movies and shakespeare in the park (which I will finally get to go to next week!!) which I think is just awesome!

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