Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marathon Training Pan, Week #4 ...singing in the rain

So I just want to say thank you and welcome to the new followers (and of course all of you who have been with me from the start) for joining me on this journey or running, training, eating and living :) I hope you are enjoying!
A little disclaimer on this upcoming week of training...it looks too similar to last week - I know!! I need to branch out a little and I promise, next week will be more diverse, but here it goes...
Week #4 in Marathon Training:
Some notes on this week's training plan:

  • tempo run was a little unexpected last night - it was so cool and a bit rainy last night so I ran more of a negative split in the form of:
    • 1 mile warm up (7:40)
    • 3 mile tempo (7:23, 7:16, 6:56 - so surprised by this!!)
    • 1 mile cool down (8:29) 
  • long run is planned for 18-miles, but I will be at a regatta for Tripp, so I might run 14 with a fellow Newport marathon runner (trusty friend Chris) and then try to tack on 4 more miles solo while they prep for the sailing race - we shall see how that goes)
  • Yoga is making a re-emergence this week (hopefully) - I figure, if it is on the schedule, I will feel guilty missing it - especially now that I have a deal coupon for $20 for 5 sessions at my fave yoga studio, Karma Yoga South End!!
Above I said my tempo run was a little rainy - when in fact there was a complete downpour and wind surging at mile 1.8 (yes I looked at my Garmin to take note of the exact timing of this).  I was needless to say soaked, but I honestly loved every.single.moment of it! It was 68 degrees....wait you mean 86....no, no, I mean 68...for once Boston was allowed a heat and humidity break and it was actually chilly...a little bit...

Funny how just Sunday I was running the second half of my long run in a sports bra, and yesterday I was worried that a T-Shirt and shorts wouldn't be enough...but anyways...the exciting part, was that even though I was running lows 7's and even a sub-seven...I could still talk, which means I wasn't at my exertion max, which means, gasp...I need to push harder on speed work?!

The truth is...I wasn't running with anyone, so my talking ability, was actually my singing out loud...yes, I was literally singing in the rain...not the actual song, but I believe it was a bit of Britney or Rihanna, and a little mix of Barenaked Ladies (my iPod would rock a mix radio station off it's rocker)

Needless to say, it was both a satisfying and entertaining run....and the first one I wasn't worried about water intake or heat exhaustion or lead legs...in a long, long time!
Not to inundate you with a super-long post, I thought I would add in some non-exercise-induced highlights of the weekend, because, well, I had a super relaxing, laid back time and I want to share it with you all :)

Friday evening was two friends from home's birthdays...they are twins...and they are also part of my "girls night crew" from high school, and some of my closest friends, that I don't get to see nearly enough...well it was my lucky night because they were celebrating their birthday right down the street (kind of) from me!
Twinnie love between the birthday girls!
I hopped down to the new Jerry Remy's at the Seaport, put our name in and proceeded to sit at the bar watching the Red Sox on their mega screen (not sure why I didn't think to take a pic, must have been engrossed by the massiveness of these things) and suck down a couple gin drinks...then the girls showed up, we got a seat outside on the patio and spent the rest of the night eating, drinking and catching up a bit!
Heather is also a great friend from home that came up for the festivities :)
 I am not going to lie, I heard rumors that the food here was not that great, and to my not-so-surprise, the food was pretty terrible...I mean, yes, we ate it all, but so would you if you were 3 or 4 drinks down and someone put nachos, quesadillas, calamari and fried clam strips in front you! The nachos were, dare I say it, over-cheesed (like couldn't find a chip or a hunk of chicken too cheesy)....yes I judge a sport's bar by the caliber of their nachos...no Jerry Remy's did NOT pass. Drinks were not bad - but that is about all I would order if I go back there again....also a 2/12 hour wait isn't too good mood inducing either!  All in all, a good place to watch a game (not a bad seat in the house with all those huge screens!) and grab a drink, not to dine!
Cheers to the bday girls and big ole' beers :)
Saturday was spent pretty laid back at home with Tripp, some snacks, a walk to and lay out at the beach for a little, and a dinner meet up with my cousin who was in town!
PB, graham cracker, and banana - nom, nom, nom!
After my long run on Sunday, I did something I have been meaning to do for a LONG time (and no, I am not referring to the 6 episodes of Make it or Break it, I may or may not have watched), I brought two full bags of new and lightly worn cloths to the local Southie Salvation Army - felt really good!
When's the last time you went through your closets and made some donations (to charities, friends, sal's...)?

Sunday! Felt so good and I am happy I emptied the drawers, a little :)

Does your training week look busy? 

Do you get stuck in a workout rut or do you mix it up often enough to keep the spark alive?


  1. WOW- when you put all your training into a calendar, it looks like a TON! You are hardcore, woman! So glad to hear you are incorporating Yoga into your training regimen... though I may be biased :)
    I get stuck in a workout rut but it's often purposeful- I get hooked on certain exercises/classes and don't want to mix it up (though I do usually do at least 4 different kinds of work outs every week- but usually the same classes of yoga, kickboxing, weight lifting, running, bootcamp/skipping, etc.).
    I think the different runs/tempos are mix up enough! :)

  2. What a shame that the restaurant wasn't too good--and after such a long wait, yikes!
    It feels so good to donate old clothes! I gave away a couple of suitcases full when I moved from Hong Kong.

  3. Newest follower here! Why was I know following you before?

    Anyway congrats on the workouts, holy cow that is some very impressive speed! Wait to go!

    Love all of the pictures from your weekend and am glad you had a good time catching up. You have totally inspired me to donate some old clothes. It is long overdue!


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