Monday, July 11, 2011

Marathon Training Plan, Week #2...when pigs fly

Good evening! So after posting my recap on week #1 training, I am feeling pretty good going into Week 2.  So without further ado....

Marathon Training Plan: Week #2
All in all I included a few of my "to work on" points from week #1 reflection, such as, more planned x-training (very excited to put field hockey as a x-train day on Wednesday!! It has been a few weeks and I am itching to play!) and speed work (not on my reflections, but should have been!)

I can't wait to recap next week - I am really liking having some focus in my training, and some goals to look forward to!
In other news, I discovered some pretty awesome bread this weekend at the SOWA open market.  Roomie Jenna and I headed to the South End to check out the artists, food trucks, and fresh local food...I scored some smoked bluefish samples, Callaloo - which as I found out is Jamaican spinach, and When Pigs Fly Bread....phenomenal!

Jenna picked up a bunch of these beauties for the house - they smell so fantastic!
When Pigs Fly is a local bakery that has some inventive and delicious types of artisan bread, such as pineapple-mango-raisin w/ toasted sesame & ginger, potato-roasted garlic & onion.  I personally went with the Whole Wheat-Honey Nut-Apricot-Date variety - phew that's a mouthful!  I enjoyed a few slices of that toasted with pb (Teddie's PB w/ Flax - great find in itself!) and a side cup of strawberries, mango and banana in Unsweetened almond milk - delish!!

Tons of apricots - so excited!! 
 I also got to use the Callaloo tonight in a little warm quinoa salad I made with the Callaloo, mint & basil, salt & pepper, dried tart cherries and scallions....perfect side for grilled summer squash and swordfish!
And just to leave you with a smile...check out the Bump It infomercial I channeled for my speed workout today (in fact I was just channeling Janae and had not washed my hair in...let's just say too long...)
I could not for the life of me flip this pic back!! You get the idea though...
Just in case you wanted a closer look at the "I need to be washed tonight Danielle!" hair
 And what better way to recover from a track workout in 90 weather?
Oh yeah...
As if you thought the bump it couldn't get any bigger or, let's say, shinier...
 Good night :)
What is your favorite color freeze pop?

Too many to choose! I like the purple or orange the best though :)

What was your workout today?

400 repeats at the track! First time I have done a real workout on a track since college...wooo it was a doozy!


  1. Training looks great! I finally washed my hair this morning. It needed it.

    I'd have to say my favorite color freeze pop is red or blue!

  2. awesome job on your speed work!!!!! omg. that break looks so amazing. i am so jealous!!!!! favorite freeze pop is red!!!!

    good luck with training this week :)


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