Monday, July 18, 2011

Marathon Training Recap, Week #2

So I am done with my second week of training with only one little scare on the injury front and the week looked a little something like this...

vs. Reality
Reaction to Week 2 Marathon Training:

  • Responsible Danielle needs to surface and stay true to plan - I had a lot of anxiety going home Friday night, instead of out late with friends, so that I could wake up early enough, and feel strong/energetic for my long run - but I did it
  • It is ten times better waking up early to run, instead of running in the heat of the day
  • I need to stretch a lot better and do more hip strength work, so I can avoid any more piriformis spasms
  • Cross Training hours are a lot easier to get in, when you get them through classes and pre-defined workouts
  • Even with less week-day mileage, I was able to get in almost plan for weekly mileage 
  • I am super stoked for my distance PR and I have a new level of motivation for long runs, knowing that the LRs to come are going to be longer than I have ever run before - it is an empowering feeling for sure!
Long Run Recap:
  • Ran solo, but still did alright - Still need to work on running with someone else, summer is tough with everyone traveling! 
  • 7:30 is so much cooler to run than 10 AM :) - I will keep trying to start around 7 AM - as the distance gets longer, I will move my starting time up more.
  • Stopped several times for stretching - learned it is ok to take a break for a second to avoid injury
  • Did really well keeping a more consistent pace right off the bat, but will continue to be conscious of how I feel at the 8 minute pace when I start adding more miles on...
  • Did very well with hydration and energy - since this was the longest run I have been on, I had a Clif-shots Mocha gel at mile 10 to ensure my power through the last 4 miles...I carried a handheld water bottle and filled up twice along the route (picked a route with multiple fountains)
All in all, I was really happy with my long run - I felt my piriformis pain a little around mile 11, stopped to stretch and made it through with very little pain - stretched really well when I got home and continued to keep an eye on it.

I fueled pre-run with some whole wheat toast/cream cheese/jam, a graham cracker/pb sandwich and a tall glass of cold water.
I felt good about this quick bfast, and it sat really well during the run - I had enough energy, but wasn't tasting PB the whole run.  I made sure to make a big yogurt/fruit/cereal bowl topped with pb when I got home to get some good protein in post-long run.

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Stay tuned for Week #3 plan and have a happy Monday!
Are you training for a race? How are your workouts going?

What is your go-to long run/early race breakfast staple?

Still trying out different combos to perfect my meal for race day!

What is your favorite way to re-fuel post long run?

I need some new ideas so shoot em out!


  1. I am loving reading your recaps. I enjoy hearing your experience and reading about what you learned! Great job on your LR! Sounds like you kept a great pace and really listened to your body :)

  2. Great job - you totally rocked Week #2! My favorite post-run refuel is chocolate milk. It's the perfect combination of all things needed to help the body recover! Can't wait to read about week #3

  3. Awesome job! I'm following a half training plan, but it's not for an actual race, just trying to up my mileage!


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