Monday, July 25, 2011

Marathon Training Recap, Week #3

Thanks for all the compliments on my new love, Nathan...Tripp didn't get too jealous (or maybe that is why he tried to steal my side of the bed last night?)

This past week was a doozy weather it was for 95% of the country, so I will stop complaining.  However, I used the extreme change in conditions I was training in to think of a "notes" section to add to my training log...I believe this will help me better prepare for race day conditions, whatever mother nature wants to throw (if I look back at how I felt and fueled for each of my workouts, hot/cold, rainy/humid/dry, etc). So here it goes, week #3 done, done and done...
vs. Reality:
Reaction to Week 3 Marathon Training:

  • I found a happy medium between the anxiety I felt last week about choosing between training and friends.  Friday night was my friends from home (they are twins) birthday and a bunch of girls I hadn't seen in a while were going out for dinner and drinks, in my neck of the woods (never happens), so I made a thoughtful decision to change my long run from Saturday, to Sunday, so that I could get both in and give both events my full attention.  
  • It is OK to take your workout inside, if the weather is dangerous to health...I had to use the TM for my speed work on Monday due to T-storms and extreme heat
  • I was just under plan for mileage, but compared to how many miles I got in last week (27.18), 31 miles was a safe increase (keeping the 10% per week increase rule in mind).
  • Running longer distances is always such a motivator, again this week, as soon as I got to the 14 mile mark, it was like I had fresh legs (almost :) ).
  • Need to pick up the active recovery cross-training - going to re-discover yoga!!
Long Run Recap: 16.04 miles in 2:06:49
Slightly obsessed with the lululemon speed shorts...
  • Ran solo again...didn't think I would be able to mentally do the 16 alone, but Julia's post on her 16-miler the day before rang in my ears during this run and I made it through!
  • Even if it is raining, get out there! I had to talk myself into the run for a little while (meaning I left the house a good 30 minutes after I had wanted to, but was still out by 7:25 AM) - you never know what race day conditions are going to be, until race day...unless it is dangerous to my health, I will get out there and run!
  • Stopped for water 3 times, but will have to bite the bullet and take the water belt (I have a fuel-belt) on my 18 miler next weekend.  3 fill ups was barely enough for my handheld - it got hot!
  • If 8 minute pace feels good, go with it...I have spent too much time/energy trying to go slower, but as long as I get the time on my feet in and make it through the run without feeling dead - I am not going to kick myself if I don't run 8:30s.
  • I tried out my new McDavid calf sleeves I won from Michelle the other day!  I didn't notice them (which was one of my fears of wearing them - that they would bug me while running...but they were non-intrusive and my legs were pretty strong most of the run...
skinny calves....I need to bulk those guys a little
  • Energy was taken at mile 8 (2 margarita flavored Clif Shot Bloks & Water) and mile 12 (1 mocha flavored Clif Shot Energy Gel).  The Margarita shot bloks are good for me because I am a salty sweater, and these replenish the amounts of salt I am losing during my run.  If you are not a salty sweater, you may want to try Clif's strawberry or cran-razz flavors (both delicious!). 
    • I felt OK with these times, but I am still experimenting with type of nutrition and timing of nutrition. 
  • I fueled pre-run with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast (1 w/ cream cheese and jam, 1 w/ pb and jam) - no issues while running, but I gave myself a good hour or so to digest before heading out.
  • I re-fueled post-run with a smoothie and a few handfuls of cereal
    • vanilla protein powder, original almond milk, pb, banana, strawberries, spinach 

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Stay tuned for Week #4 plan and have a happy Monday!
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Ask Away!!
What is your favorite nutrition item for mid-run? Do you use gels, bloks, fluids?

Did you rock a stellar race this weekend?

No, but I am pretty pumped with pushing through the long run...haha I feel like that is going to be my big motivation from here on out!

Any tips on running with a water belt? I am a little afraid!


  1. okay. so you are too sweet for the shout out. I am so glad you had such a great LR experience. This one will make you so much stronger and you are crazy amazing as it was one of your speediest runs of the week! wow! love, as always, reading what you have learned! I have only tried a handheld...I am a little scared of the belts. not sure why...I just dont like heavy things on me while running. And we fueled about the same times on our run!

  2. shot bloks are my fav! i bought some margarita ones the other day, but haven't tried them yet.

  3. I liked your comment about rediscovering yoga... hot yoga totally got me through my first half marathon this year! I had to quit because it was way too expensive and I miss it every. single. day.

    As for your question about the chocolate balsamic, my Mum found it at a specialty food store in her (tiny) hometown. The brand is Casa Rinaldi and it's called "Crema di Balsamico Cacao"

  4. Great week of training! Your smoothie looks really good! Our blender broke and I cry a little inside when I think of all the yummy things I made with it! :)


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