Friday, July 1, 2011

New Plans for Focus

At least a start...

So as you might have gathered from my post yesterday about randomness galore...I am not the most focused of people - yes I do have a BS and an MBA by 24, I did play college field hockey all four years and actually secured a job in this market that helps me pay off some of the BS and MBA bills, but if you get the chance to talk to me, you know I am a queen of tangents - and from reading back over some of my posts on here, I realize that I have carried that over into my writing style (I used to skip full sentences and start on brand new topics right in the middle of my book reports and story writing in elementary school). Some call is ADD, I call it character - it is also pretty good for multi-tasking if I do say myself!
Well minus the baby carriage - this is a portion of the amount of things constantly swirling through my head , you would be a little less focused too! Source
I am not saying that that is going to change too much, as I think I might be a little boring if it does - and honestly I am a little scared to see what focused writing truly looks like when it comes from my brain... my base training ends this week and marathon training starts up next week, I realize I need some focus around tracking my workouts and fueling throughout the next 15 weeks (length I chose for marathon training schedule).  Starting Monday, I will be posting a weekly plan for workouts (not food, because I never know what is going to come up around meals), as well as a weekly recap of the workouts comparing how I really did that week.  I think this is a good first step towards blog focus and a necessary tool to focus for marathon training (because I have never done anything like it and I want help being held accountable for my plan).

In efforts to get into this habit of weekly plans and recaps, I am going to begin today with my last week of base building (and less structured) workouts.

The exact format will change a little when I start the full Monday/Friday posts, as I will be using a Mon - Sun week, I will detail the workouts a little more and I will have a plan vs. did section to it...I am hoping this will not only keep my in check, but maybe help anyone of you trying to get into a running training plan, or need some more ideas for workouts.
In other news...I have had Tripp home all week! Which is such a treat, because he usually is gone Mon - Thurs traveling for work! When he is home, it means getting to eat yummy dinners and having someone to help you cook (and more importantly eat) them, getting used to sleeping next to someone again (which is tough with this heat I must admit) and lots to do after work (so I have been getting him to workout or trying to fit in morning workouts).

Our week thus far has included, a date night to Sam's at Louis on the Waterfront in Boston's Seaport District. Great service, cocktails and views...the food was alright, nothing to write home (or the blog about).
He even agreed to take a picture with me!!! That is a rare one people!
Then we grilled up some pretty cool dinners, everything from swordfish kebabs...
Swordfish with fig/Gorgonzola pesto for marinade, grilled corn on the cob, grilled zucchini and summer squash, with grilled peaches (a little agave and cinnamon on them) for dessert :)

The grilled peaches and corn on the cob really made this!! the best post long run (10 miles on Wed.) dinner, grilled pizza!
1. sun-dried tomato, green olives, grilled chix and goat cheese, 2. fig/gorgonzola pesto (loving this stuff!), marinara sauce, grilled chix and goat cheese

I added a side salad with mine for some greens :)
I have also had Tripp time in the morning, which means I dilly dally to get ready for work and then spend too much time making delicious yogurt bowls such as this one...
Chobani pomegranate greek yogurt, mango chunks, strawberries, banana, ezekial cinnamon raisin sprouted cereal and a big dollop of chunky natural pb mixed in :)
 And a side of homemade cinnamon iced coffee w/ some almond milk to go please :)
Whew! What a week in workouts and food goodies...and the latter will keep rolling, because if you are like me and just realized like a day ago that this weekend is THE FOURTH OF JULY already...and I will be traveling across New England for parties, clambakes, boat rides, fireworks, and BBQ - I am tired just typing that all!!
I hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend (Canada Day as well :) )!!
Do you have any good tips to staying focused?

Have you ever tried to keep a workout or food log? 

I have tried the food log once, but I tend to get a little neurotic, so I have backed off a little...the workout log will be new to me - I usually just clock it all in my head!

Any good plans for the weekend? Travel, friends, family, food, races?!


  1. I am excited to hear more about your marathon training! I am headed out of town for a getaway with my girls from school for the weekend! should be fun :)

    All your recent eats look YUMMY!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, glad we found each other :)

    That's amazing that you do a morning run 30 minutes from your house, now THAT's impressive!

    Have a great July 4th weekend!


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