Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Training Plan for Week 1 Marathon Training

Before you say anything, I know it isn't Monday as promised, but I thought I should get this on here, sooner than rather than later.  As I mentioned last week, I will be starting my weeks (at least the next 15 of them) with a weekly training plan of what I would like to accomplish in terms of preparing for my very first 26.2!

So my strategy for the first couple of weeks of this 15 week plan is to keep the mileage during the weekdays around around 20 (the 15 - 20 range), incorporate one or two days easy, one day speed, and keep up the upper and lower body weights/x-training.  I want to start out with a 12 mile LR (even though I have already been doing 10s during LUNA runs,  and feel pretty comfortable with the distance body and mind.

That being said, without further ado, my week 1 marathon training plan:

On Sunday, I will provide a week recap comparing my actual performance to plan, and adjust my next week's plan according to how I felt mentally and physically, as well as how much I accomplished in the previous week around pacing, mileage and x-training time.

Mondays I will post the plan for the week and go from there!
In other news, I have not posted since Saturday, because well, I was busy and after I was done being super busy, I was tired...and since I stare at a computer most of the day, most of every day, my eyes wanted a break, and my brain wanted a break...and they got the break they needed, so with my marathon training in full effect, the holiday weekend behind me -  I am ready to roll!!

My Fourth of July weekend was super packed! It included a trip to check out the Extreme 40's (40 ft. catamarans that ROCK the waters), because they are sick to watch and Boston was the ONLY North American stop on the race tour...pretty cool and pretty necessary to check out (Tripp might have played a part in my two nights of viewing pleasure of these boats - dating a sailor, enough said).
I enjoyed some of that wine, while watching that great racing
Try to guess who was the event's major sponsor....I will give you a hint in the pictures below....
 Yes! Red Bull was the correct answer (not you Mike, sorry for the false excitement) in Red Bull fashion, they had not one showing, but two showings of sky divers (it gives you wings right?) and the Red Bull "air force" to greet them as they landed on little barges in the middle of Boston Harbor...pretty cool!
Oh - and for opening night of racing, they had fireworks :) My first fireworks of the holiday weekend!!
Saturday, we jumped in the car to hit up the Burd Family Clambake, an annual tradition the Burd boys put on for what is now mainly just awesome close friends...there will be a post on the proper way to hold a clambake, so I will hold off on those pics..well maybe I will show one because Tripp was so nice as to pose for a pic which 2 hours earlier he said he never would (did I mention there was a keg he had a large part in kicking :) ).
Liquid Confidence - there is something to be said for it...
A pretty successful start to the weekend, and more to come in my next post on my 4th of July weekend recap....stay tuned :)
Does Week 1 look too ambitious? Not ambitious enough? Let me know your thoughts (im new at this type of training)!!

Do you break your training routine down into months, weeks, days? 

I am breaking mine into weeks, because it is easier to digest and re-adjust as my body adapts to the training stressers...we shall see how it works out!!

How do you like to balance your training week, in terms of rest days, easy/hard days, x-training?

I am trying to stay pretty balanced and see how my body reacts after the first couple of weeks.

Do you know how to throw a proper clambake, New England style?! Let me know!


  1. Hubs and I were at the Extreme 40 this weekend too (and ended with some drinks at Strega on the Waterfront)! Good time!
    I like to break my training down to weeks. Not sure why but I feel like the small short term goals allow me to adjust better. I include 1 rest day and 3 XT days. Thought I have been to many clambakes, I've never thrown one. Excited to read that post!

  2. yayyyyyyy!!! so excited to follow your training to your marathon! sounds like our training looks similar. I am no expert but feels good that someone else is planning a similar schedule :) I am trying to incorporate more cross training, true rest days and strength training. Plus I am trying to actually stick to my training plan. ha!

    I do not even know about clambakes so I am excited to learn more! Love that fireworks pic!


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