Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 1 down, 14 to go...

So I had intended on writing this little weekly recap last night, but I am really smart and ran out of the office Friday, while my laptop sat patiently, and a little hurt that I forgot it, on my docking station. tear, sniff, sigh...sorry laptop...

Anywho...I know you were all dying to see how she did on the first week of marathon training...or maybe I am just really excited to see how I did myself, either you go!


vs. Reality

Reaction to Week 1 Marathon Training:

  • I am really happy with my mileage - it was a little over my planned mileage, but my legs still felt good and strong at the end of the week
  • I spent just over 2 hours cross-training and mixed in an extra spin class when I couldn't get over to boot camp, so I am happy that I didn't waste a x-train day.
  • I realize that I need to put more x-train into the plan, so I will work on that in coming weeks

Long Run Recap:

  • HOT - I waited way too long (started at almost 10 AM on Saturday, when I had planned on starting at 7!) The temp was around 85 and slightly humid.  Running 5 miles of the run along the shoreline of Rhode Island, meant very little shade = A LOT hotter! Need to run earlier next week
  • I did pretty well with hydration: carried about 8 oz. Gatorade G2 with me for the first 8 miles and picked up a 16 oz. water bottled mixed with some more G2 at mile 8.5 (along with a little bit of water while I rested for a minute) - Not enough left over for post-run - will work on that next week
  • I ran alone - which was pretty difficult around mile 7 and 8, when I was out of my comfort zone and really struggling in the heat - Will work on running partner for next week
  • I started out a lot quicker than my planned pace (7:30s vs. 8:30s) - and I would assume that added to my feeling burned out later on in the run, in addition to the heat. - will try to concentrate on sticking to pace next week
  • Even though I was dressed to channel the hydration of the fabulous fruit, the watermelon, I was not so perfect with my hydration tactics...
So the shorts are pink with black polka dots...very comfy NIKE dry-fit - very disappointing NO POCKET! I had to wear the belt...o BTW - notice the awesome new boat in the background...Tripp and his sialing partner Mike got a new flashy cat and WON their regatta while I was out running - congrats to them!!!
All in all, I am really happy with the week, I have some really great things to work on, including a more structured cross-training plan, better hydration and timing for summer long runs, and running partners for the long run (especially as the miles start going up and up, I could sense lack of motivation when running alone this week).  I will have a Week 2 plan up by EOD today for marathon training Week #2! Stay tuned...

What was the workout you learned the most from last week?

Definitely my long run...I did Monday - Wed runs in temps in the 90's, but I took them at a better pace and they were a lot shorter.

What are your favorite cross-training activities? I need some new moves and workouts to mix in!!!


  1. Great week! All your runs (plus some) and cross training too. Hooray!

  2. great job this week!!! you are off to a GREAT start. and i love that you posted what you learned...thanks for sharing :)

    ummm cross-training. Lately I am into biking, circuits and strength training.


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